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    More than anything else in life I am thankful to be able to hear the voice of God and discern his urgings. After 35 years as a Christian I'm still a learner, Indeed, all made things will always be subject to learn from their creator.

    I was packed up to go to my river bottom stand below the house last Saturday evening, and I was just going out the back door. The Lord spoke inside of me and said: "you'll need some paper towels". I always carry some in my pack but was nearly out. I paused to do a little inner rejoicing.

    After driving my tractor down through cedar hollow and parking above Laura's pond, I walked the hundred plus yards to the stand, climbed the twenty foot ladder and hoisted up gun and pack. After getting settled I thanked God for the deer he was giving me, for I knew it was true.

    I got two that evening and field dressed them at the end of Laura's pond as I've dubbed it, an old Middle Fork River channel. There were at least seven deer that crossed the stream and came into Joanna's field, and I enjoyed watching them all for almost an hour before shooting.

    Yes, I'm thankful for the meat and the wonderful experience, but I'm most thankful to hear the voice of the Spirit of God. Rebuke and guidance are the same thing since he does all in love. I've always cried out to God "tell me something Lord, a rebuke, a word of knowledge, a scripture - anything at all. Day or night, through the words of a stranger or through events or circumstances. Only be not silent to me. Hearing from God is as necessary as the air we breathe.

    I've hunted and fished since I was able to cut a cane pole or whittle my first sling shot. I've always been thrilled just to look upon a stretch of hardwoods or a fishy looking stream. But it's all even richer and fuller now that the Lord is my constant companion. I don't have to go alone anymore.

    I've always been an independent loner, hardheaded and obstinate mostly, but I'm not alone anymore and to hear his voice is very very good. God is the one person whose company is always welcome. He does stick closer than a brother.
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    Excellent sermon there clawmute. God is so good. Glad to know we have a friend in common!

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    Amen brother , God is Great !!!!!
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    NE Ark
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    Best post I've seen in here!!!
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    Thanks for sharing your joy brother
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    Thanks Clawmute for the encouraging words.
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    Amen a great story of being in the woods and never alone.
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    AMEN! Deffenatly the best thing I have read in quite awhile! Thanks for that. :biggrin:
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    :clap: enjoyed that read, Thank you clawmute for reminding us that we are not alone even when we think we are.