More Pandering from the Left....

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    I have 1 Question Mrs Clinton .. How are you going to pay for it ? along with your cradle to grave asst such as Universal Health care a $5000 baby bond all at a time when SS is going bancrupt the Housing market and stock market are down and we are in the mist of a long war in the middle east and terrorism in general.

    Would anyone like to venture guess

    updated 6:25 p.m. CT, Fri., Jan. 11, 2008
    COMMERCE, Calif. - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled a $70 billion economic stimulus package Friday aimed at making it easier for millions of people to pay their mortgages and home heating bills.

    The five-part plan is designed to help homeowners hurt by the housing foreclosure crisis, help families having trouble paying their energy bills and support people who have lost their jobs, according to a material released by her campaign. Clinton also was urging the government to invest in "green collar jobs" to stimulate the economy and improve the environment, her campaign said.

    If the economy continues to worsen, Congress should provide an additional $40 billion in direct tax rebates to working and middle class families, Clinton said.

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    The proposal, Clinton's campaign said, would provide 37 million Americans with energy assistance. Hundreds of thousands more families would get help to avoid foreclosure, according to the proposal.

    According to the campaign, the plan includes:

    Establishing a $30 billion housing crisis fund to help states and localities deal with the fallout of foreclosures. The federal money could be used to ease the effects of vacant properties with anti-blight programs and helping local housing authorities buy and rent out vacant properties.
    Setting a 90-day moratorium on subprime mortgages of at least five years, or until housing lenders have converted mortgages into loans families can afford. The proposal also would increase the portfolio caps at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    Providing $25 billion in emergency energy assistance for families facing rising heating bills. While 37 million families are eligible for energy assistance, only 5.6 million, or 16 percent, are slated to receive any aid this winter, the campaign said. She is proposing immediate grants to all 37 million eligible families.
    Providing $10 billion to extend unemployment insurance for those struggling to find work while supporting families.

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    Tax rebates eyed to stimulate economy

    Providing $5 billion in energy efficiency by doing such things as giving tax credits to encourage purchases of low emission vehicles and efficient appliances windows and other clean technologies. She also proposes funds to train and put to work people making public buildings more energy efficient.
    Notice not 1 word on HOW it will get paid for. !!! :mad:

    My guess is RAISE TAXES and really send us into a Depression....

    The True answer is Cut taxes and spend less... But thats hard to do with this agenda isnt it.. But thats the Lefts solution MORE GOVERMENT and MORE TAXES ...
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    That's nothing new from the DemocRATs!

  3. Gary R

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    The media just won't ask the questions.
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    I can answer the $5000 baby bond question.

    Her plan was to tax the dead. Under the baby bond issue if you die and have an estate worth $7 million then you will be taxed $5 million with the proceeds going to baby bonds.

    This information is easily obtained and the truth. Pisses me off to no end how much the dems want to steal from those who manage to save some money and hope to pass it on upon death to their OWN family instead of some lazy ass popping kids out by the dozen.:mad:
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    I get tired of hearing all this crap about the gov. bailing out the mortgage companies and people who bought houses that they couldn't afford or got the adjustable rate. We wanted to buy a house last year but we couldn't afford it. So guess what we did...... We waited till we could save some money. Hmmmmmmmmmmm it wasn't that difficult. Our government is supporting a bad habit that people will continue to do until they are held responsible for their decisions. I always have been why are others not. I am sorry you can't afford your house why should my tax dollars pay for your stupidity. This is a bunch of BS.:censored:
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    Freedom should equal reaping what you sow.... If you go to work ,work hard for 30-40 yrs then you should be rewarded .. But if you choose to be lazy or live beyond your means or make stupid investments, live in a bowl surrounded by water... I'm FINE with that BUT.. The Federal Goverments ONLY programs would be for the Truly Disabled. SS for the working Retired and for the LAZY and Ignorant a soup kitchen to prevent actual Starvation and tent cities for temporary housing ...Your life would be no better than that of the lowest Private of any Armed Force Serviceperson in combat..... then the private sector (Charity/Churches) would then be responsiable for the rest... Then watch How Fast a Border Fence could be built with all the NEW Legal laborers willing to WORK...with all the Billions if not TRILLIONS..I just saved ...

    98% of what the Federal Goverment does is Actually the States Responsiability ...But then you would see people Flee the liberal states for a conservitive one in short order..because the Liberal States would go BANCKRUPT in a Short time without Federal bailouts..

    Fayettville is a PERFECT example of Liberalism gone wild..
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    Very good two previous posts:thumb:
  8. D33RHUNT3R

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    Oregon is another good example a few years back I remember they were proposing Pandering universal health care to every citizen.... It didn't last long when someone explained to the Moron with this Bright Idea that every lazy :censored: in the country would land in Oregon like a Permanent Rainbow Gathering and BANKRUPT the State in short order... they scraped it.... The LACK of thought in these Liberals minds is so Vacant that it hurts the truly thinking mans mind.... :smack:
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    NE Ark
    Free health care will be the most expensive thing we will ever see!!
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    I am retired and taxes, health insurance, and gasoline prices costs are making things pretty tight. A lot of seniors are being taxed out of their homes all across this nation and it looks bleak for the future OF's. :thumb:
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    She is going to tax the already working man even more so that he will lose his home and not be able to to pay the utilities and have to rely on the goverment.:censored:
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    Aaaaaaaaaah.....Socialism at it's finest.
  13. bigggggggggggg +1 , makes me sick
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    From another thread on the forum...

    Carbon Credits!!!

    Or still to come from Hillary:

    Illegal Alien credits
    Homeless credits
    I'm too lazy to work credits
    It's not my fault credits....

    You get the picture?