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More Hi-Point .45ACP

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Being it was a little windy this evening long range work I took the .45 and a 100 rounds of the white box Winchester 230 gr ball ammo to the farm for some more familiarising. It took me a little while to get the sights the way I wanted them. After accomplishing this feat I thought I might as well try some serious target stuff....15, 25 and 50 yards just for fun. Well lets just say I'll be able to use the 50 yard target again another day, after 5 rounds it didn't even have a hole in it :smack:. The 5 rounds at the 25 yard target wasn't to awfully bad but I've got to watch that long trigger pull because I'll pull off to the right if I don't.

Same thing with the trigger pull at 15 yards but I still think I kept all 5 rounds close enough to hurt ya if I had to.

A better pic of the 15 yard target....
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All it takes is a little trigger time!! :thumb:
I might add that after 120+ rounds the Hi-Point has continued to operate flawlessly. No misfires, no feed problems with either the JHP's or the ball ammo nothing but bang when the trigger is squeezed.
It's great to hear about inexpensive guns treating their owners well. Only got about 1600 rounds to go to break it in, aughta be making one fuzzy hole by then! :biggrin: Keep shootin!
That's pretty good shootin' possum, and thanks for the tip.......if we ever get into a feud I'll know to stay at least 50 yards away from you. On second thought, as big as I am you'd probably hit me fairly easily at 200 yards! :doh: :biggrin:

Man that is better than some of my rifle groups! :), Do you use any special method when shooting a pistol? I have a buddy that was in the air force and he said they were always taught the push-pull method. For me it is pushing forward with my grip "right" hand and pulling backwards with my left hand. Also as flintknapper said, I love to see inexpensive firearms perform well. Great grouping.
I forgot to mention I shot those groups with a rest.:smack:

factory, as far as a special method. I was taught the push/pull method I guess cause that's what I was told to do I just can't remember if they actually had a name for it.

Right-handed shooter - left cupped under and in front of right hand, body quatered at about 45 degree to target this helps lock the right shoulder and left elbow while at the same time narrowing your own body as a target for return fire providded there is no cover available.
Here's a nice "feelgood" article for you.

Every time I read something about hi points I start leaning more toward getting one. I only wish they made one that was more concealable.
John, that's one of the articles I read before I went and got the one I have. I tried to read as much and get as many opinions as I could before did. I can almost hide this thing and I'm thinkin the 9mm is just enough smaller that I can. The .45 will most likely be a nightstand and deer woods type handgun.
My freehand shootin needs a little work, why do I always seem to have one real bad flyer. :doh:
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My Daughter shoots better than that!!!

She does shoot good,...I was just messin with ya.
How many yds. was that?I doubt I could do better,...Well ok I probably could.Dang I keep doing that,.Sorry.
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That shouldn't be to awfully hard to beat because it's flat out pitiful.

It'll get better though. :thumb:
That shouldn't be to awfully hard to beat because it's flat out pitiful.

It'll get better though. :thumb:
Yea you will,keep the barrel warm!
Hey Possum, I saw a guy at the range with his Hi-point, and he admitted he'd just got it. The thing went bang all day, and towards the end he was getting better. If he'd only brought more ammo! :smack:

Isn't that always the problem, though? :biggrin:
Isn't that always the problem, though? :biggrin:
Yep, and it don't matter how much I have with me. I always want/need more.:up:
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