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    Anybody made it before or known anybody that has? Wondering if it is even legal to make for personal consumption? Always thought it would be cool to know how to make some. Had some blueberry shine one night and it sure was good!
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    It is not legal to produce OR posses untaxed alcohol even for personal consumption. You can make ethanol(which is the same as what you drink) for fuel purposes which requires a permit but if they come to inspect you better have every drop denatured.

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    U need to get ahold of some apple pie moonshine!!!!
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    It's also illegal to drive 1mph over the speed limit. I'd take my chances.
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    I agree. The thing to remember is that production of alcohol can be charged as a felony if they chose to do so. Just realize the risk before you take that chance. My personal opinion is it should be the same as home brew beer or wine. Unfortunately the government doesn't consult with me on these matters.:head:

    I would imagine since that ridiculous show on discovery channel a lot of people are going to try to do it.
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    So how is it legal to make homeade wine??? Im a little confused.
  7. When I was young it was more common. I hung out in d.t. Little Rock at some rough places and some guys I knew always had a few quarts. Being young and dumb I would take a few hits of it and it was real genuine skull buster. No poisoning so it was well made.

    When I was a kid my dad made homemade muscadine wine in a wooden keg. It was pretty good and I usually found a way to "tap the keg" and then conceal my crime.

    By the grace of God I never fell into heavy duty drinking. Had some alcoholic relatives and friends and seeing the destruction it wrought put a fear in me. Saw some terrible things brought on by drinking up to and including murder and suicide. Leslie Gann, a guy that worked for my dad was a heavy duty rounder and one night he caught three .38 slugs and died on the spot.

    A kid I grew up with, Buddy Edwards, started drinking when he was 12 or so. He died in his fifties still hooked on booze.

    It's more profitable now to cook Meth or traffic other drugs. I do know that it still can be found but is more common in the southeast. Georgia, the Carolina's and Virginia's. Especially in the more rugged mountains.

    Glad I lived past that chapter of life and can see my stupidity. As with anything deemed illegal by the govt. it's very dangerous to deal with the element that sells it.

    I had four beers in the fridge in 1977 when God arrested me. I poured them out and that was that. I can't see I really lost anything by quitting.

    There were some black bootleggers in Little Rock that had a house where you could buy anything you wanted 24/7/365. At a premium of course.
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    I personaly don't drink it or make it but if making a little moonshine is the worst thing someone did, I would see them as a decent person.
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    Making homemade distilled whiskey, or moonshine, is illegal in Arkansas. Possession of a still is also illegal, unless the person possessing the still has a permit to make ethanol for fuel. This having been said, if you do decide to make a still, very simple, really, be very careful. Doing it wrong can cause the shine to be toxic. Using lead solder at the joints isn't a good idea, as this will add lead to the shine. A still can get clogged or too hot and explode, spraying mash at about 300 degrees or so around. For good instruction on how to make a safe still, look at the Foxfire Book, don't remember exactly which volume.

    Stick to making wine, much simpler and legal, so long as you don't sell any without paying the tax.
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    Updated: 10/04 5:41 pm Published: 10/04 5:34 pm
    LITTLE ROCK, AR – A Searcy County woman faces charges for allegedly running a moonshine business out of her home in Harriet.

    The sheriff’s department says Edwina Pipkins sold two gallons of suspected moonshine to undercover officers from her home on 7120 East Highway 14. The subsequent search found 41 gallons of suspected moonshine and paraphernalia used in the manufacture, transportation, and distribution of moonshine.

    Pipkins was arrested and charged with manufacture, possession, and transportation of illicitly distilled spirituous, vinous, or malt liquors, a felony. Pipkins also faces a bootlegging charge for sale of the suspected moonshine in a dry county.

    The sheriff’s department says the undercover officers bought the liquor for $60/gallon.

    You would be lucky if the local sheriff caught you!!
    Dont drink the first stuff out of your still, it can kill you. Its more a kin to wood alcohol that grain alcohol.

    A few years back the wife ask if I wanted to to a lecture at the library over in Jasper, I said sure we aint doing nothing else. Well it was on making moonshine!! a lady from the in Springdale doing the lecture and giving the instructions on how to make moonshine. 176F is the temp you have to have for the alcohol she said. and you need water to cool the condenser, Its a Federal Crime to own a condenser she said.

    There was a fellow over in Western Arkansas making stills.

    Wine and beer you can make and give to your friends!!

    Ah the days of the smell of soured mash fermenting and hearing the thumping keg do its job.
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    Its easy you can find still plans on the web there is a guy in van buren that makes em and sells them.
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    I had some the other night and it was one of the best alcohol drinks I ever tasted. I'm not much on the unflavored - but that apple pie flavored could be dangerous!
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    It is pretty easy to get around here or back home in SEARK. Just gotta know a few folks and get the good stuff. Some of the best I ever had was from Missouri a couple of weeks ago. Talk about smooth and tastey! I would rather drink that than Grey Goose, real talk.
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    I bet with all the people on this site we got at least one "Popcorn Sutton" that makes it :biggrin:
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    One of my sisters got me that for Christmas last year. Nasty.

    Google or youtube it.

    How would it be illegal to have it when you can buy a kit to make it at Sam's. Heck, Obama said he made some in the whitehouse. Of course half the crap he's done has been illegal.
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    I know a few that still make the keg thump. Gooooood stuff.

  18. The kit at Sam's is for home brew BEER or WINE, not distilled spirits (hard liquor). Two different operations, and rules of law. My Dad's family made it through the depression on 'shine sales. Dad and his brother ran the still while their Dad was working the fields. I know how to make the stuff, but it's not something I would do unless I needed to for survival.
    There is only one licensed distillery in Arkansas, as far as I know, Rock Town Distillery in downtown LR. They make some specialty stuff that is pretty good. The apple pie flavored moonshine is tasty, but is only 40 proof, not PGA.
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    It is against the law. But if anybody is needing some send me a PM and I'll hook you up! Lol
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    Also, you can test shine to see if it's good or not. Shine made right will burn a blue flame. Shine that burns any yellow, red, orange flame is harmful and can kill you. Some people take shortcuts and some people clean their pipes well. Know who made your drink when you buy some.