Monster Killed in Des Arc

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by HuntMasterFlex, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. HuntMasterFlex

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    Anyone know if this is true?

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  3. Preston

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    Think it was killed in louisianna, its on another thread on hear
  4. AR_deerslayer

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    wow ...who knows .....I do know des arc has the potential ...prob be my number one pick of area if I could own 1000 acres anywhere ...I hunt less than ten mins from there and there are monsters killed there every year
  5. Manybeards

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    SOmeone else posted it killed at the shooting grounds
  6. luckless

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    I remember the LSU hat being referenced.
  7. jsilver919

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    heck at first glance I thought it was a dang mule deer! if that was taken around here that is a deer of a lifetime
  8. Whitetailfreak7

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    It was killed in me
  9. Juice

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    Is that tree behind one of this buck's rubs? Looks like its been scarred a little. Awesome deer.
  10. Greyhound

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    Killed at Davis Isle in LA last year. Scored 163. Mounted by McGough's Taxidermy in West Monroe, LA.
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  12. jublain

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    That pic has made its way around here. That deer was killed in LA.
  13. jublain

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    But the word on the street is there was a biggin killed over towards beulah. I havent seen any pics yet.
  14. ouachita22

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    heard the same thing and even heard wildman Wilson reference it the other morning on the radio
  15. 4hunting

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    Jublain, the word on the street is correct. There was a big one killed over in that neck of the woods on public land that is a hoss, 27 inch spread, 11 point, massive set of horns. Been told it could be right near the top of the list for typical deer harvested in Arkansas by what measuring has been done. Some have said it has been taped in the 190's! Don't know that for fact, just what has been told. And want to hear something crazy, if it does happen to be a new Arkansas typicial record by chance, would it not be strange that 2 people with the same last name would hold both records, typicial & non-typical cause the guy who killed this one is the brother of the current over-all record holder for this state.
  16. caseyskarda

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    Im from des arc and been told its a non typical killed across river that is pushing 245
  17. swampdonkey01

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  18. duck

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    I just kinda smell a rat on this whole deal. That looks like a Canada deer or something. Something just dont seem right.
  19. swampdonkey01

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    The one in this post isn't from Arkansas. The other deer mentioned was killed north of the white river. Sure wish someone could come up with some pics of this beast.