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Too much I'm sure,But I have never added it up.$450 for 2 leases.Arrows,gun ammo,camo,gas going back and forth,Time missed from work after vac. time is used up. Whatever It is,I don't care.I would'nt change a thing.

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I know about a grand a year just on hunting leases and out of state licenses.

There no telling what it adds up to by the time you include: Gas, food, hunting equipment, ammo, etc.


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A lot more than my wife needs to know about........:eek:

I have over $2000 in taxidermy bills from this season alone. Not to mention the trip to Wyoming for antelope (bought new rifle for trip, too), new Mathews Drenalin, the boat steering cable I broke during duck season, and.....................................

I'm gonna have to get a second job just to afford to hunt.............:smack:

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Hunting License = $25.00
Hunting Club Lease Yearly Membership = $325.00
Shells for my gun, (to kill three legal deer) = $3.25
Food and Alcohol for the week of deer camp = $150.00
ATV = $5,000
Truck to get to camp and haul ATV and pull camper = $30,000
Camper = $10,000

Being with my best friends, for a whole week, in a place where I grew up living and loving the natural life, with no family responsibilities close at hand, living my own life, on my own time, for a whole week!

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