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Monday season opener

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Does it drive any of the other working people crazy that the game and fish opens season on a Monday? Thankfully I am blessed with time off but it still really bothers me to have to take off of work to hunt opening day in our state.
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Yes and April 1st was/is always the First Day of Turkey Season..Just can't hunt with a Gun..But can with a Camera 馃摳....

Think Their we're Several Accidents back in the day..
One guy got shot in the Face,Blinded him...AGFC moved to Monday opener..
Good Hunting..
Why would that make a difference if it was April 1st or 21st as to why he was shot? I'm 100% sure that had absolutely nothing to do with the season opening later now.
Did you at least help him out of the woods after you shot him in the face?
You Kids!!! It opened April 1st on Saturday...
The Guy was shot in the Face..On Saturday
AGFC moved the opener to Monday..... Pfffffffft!!
Why not opener for kids on Saturday before opener on Monday for the Rest..Win,win..
Here in Fairfield Bay/ Edgemont " NO HUNTING ALLOWED" Archery for Deer only ,No Guns" "Urban Hunting Only" have to Qualify" A lot won't " We have tons of Deer,Take 150-200 Deer Each Year.
We have Tons of Turkey...Why because they can't be hunted "

Won't happen cause they can't enforce it..
Still Say all the Chicken litter with Chicken
Poison" Toxic" in it spreading on the "fescue " For Hay" toxic" and other poison Weed/ Brush killer are killing the Turkey and Quail ...
Brush killer spread on the pretty clean brush along the fence Rows and Ditches.
Killing the Ground Nesting Animals and Birds..
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I could take you to 80,000 acres of mature pine/hardwood forest that has never seen a piece of chicken litter and no spraying along the roadside - over the past forty years. In the 80鈥檚, ten turkeys were checked before 9 am opening morning - now - if a good year, ten turkeys checked by end of season.
Hasn't been Sprayed by Air? For Boar's.
I鈥檓 not sure what it about it is our area but it鈥檚 nothing to make a block of county roads around us and see 15-20 rabbits in the summer time and I can hear a quail from my house a couple times a week spring- summer. We seem to have a decent amount of turkey in our general area as well. We are surrounded by deer lease land and cattle pasture/patches of hardwood timber. 20 miles from here, my friend鈥檚 lease has a good number of turkey and completely covered up with coyotes and cats, but he regularly gets pictures of multiple hens or multiple gobblers all year long. I鈥檓 sure agfc has to look at the broad picture of habitat management across the entire state but it sure seems that localized populations are doing better in core areas for some reason than they are in other areas.
GPS , Coordinates Please 馃ズ?
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