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For years we had trouble with wife's 2" mod. 10 not busting caps reliably. I changed the mainspring and made sure the tension screw was bottomed out, but still a couple of rounds won't light here and there. Now on single-action, it seemed to work fine. However, anything less than 100% reliability is unacceptable. So we bought her the Ruger SP101 a few years ago--happy and well armed are we.

So I dig the mod. 10 out the other day and compared it to another mod. 10 that goes bang every blessed time. I notice that on double-action, the hammer on the defective revolver doesn't go back as far before it "trips" as the reliable one does. Hammer is short-stroking and not getting a full swing at the primer. Not positive, but I think I've found the issue.

Before I crack the side plate open and look, has anybody else had this problem? I'm sure it has something to do with the geometry between the trigger and hammer, but I wonder if this is a common issue and I hope it's something easy to fix.
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