Mizzou Can Talk All the Smack They Want

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by FroMan, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. On another message board I'm on they were talking crap about DMac not doing that great in the game. Stuff like, "your Heisman couldn't run over our defense".

    Well...how crappy do you have to be to have Casey Dick's QB rating higher than yours?

    Just ask Chase Daniels, Missouri's "Heisman Candidate."

    What a crock...

    We got our tails handed to us sure...but it had absolutely nothing to do with, "I'm overweight and over-rated Chase Daniels".
  2. BuzzBait

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    NOW THATS FUNNY!!!!!!:fit:

  3. hawgpharm

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    i would take "I'm overweight and over-rated Chase Daniels" over cd.
  4. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    Not saying much.....But true....
  5. CP

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    Hey...they whooped our arse...fairly and squarely and soundly.

    Let em raise their glass.:wink:
  6. stealthycat

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    he was held to

    21 rushes for 105 yards and a TD ( thats 5 yards per carry) and a 33 yard KO return

    135 yards of offense and a TD in 3 quarters of play - thats not bad. He'd have pushed 200 yards ot total offense if he'd played the whole game. Knowing that MO focused solely on shutting down a 1 demensional team like the HOGS I'd say D-MAC did well. Not excellent, not poor, but well

    he did his job, the defense and the passing offense is what failed horribly in that Cotton Bowl loss
  7. Plus 1. The mark of a sportsman and a gentlemen is to be as gracious in defeat as victory. If they don't meet that criteria we don't have to lower our standards. I'm looking forward to the new era.
  8. TheBattman

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    You forgot about DMAC's fumble-fingers....

  9. Buck-Ridge

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    Cheer up guys, The Nuttcase era is over and things are looking up. Let Mo gloat
    They usually suck in football.
  10. Jack375H&H

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    Chase Daniels couldn't even lead his # 1 ranked team to a Big 12 Championship, Oklahoma walked all over em. He choked in a big game, he can't say a darn thing.
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    Now granted I've only lived here for 5 years but I haven't seen much to show me that Arkansas is usually very good at football either.

    I think if they can keep this new coach for a little while they have some good years ahead of them.

    IMO that Chase Daniels and the Mizzou offense is fun to watch.