Missouri Mountain Lion shot & killed .22

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    Lion w a 22 guy must have been raised inAR. Kind of reminds me of the world record grizzly w a 22

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    Hard to beat a good 22:thumb:
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    Quote from article:

    The cats are common in western states, with a few in South Dakota, western Texas and Florida. Individuals show up in Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Illinois.
    Missouri Game & Fish says we have them in Arkansas, Arkansas Game & Fish says we don't. :smack:
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    No one "AGFC" will take the claim of having them until one is killed here :fit:
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    I know for a fact they are here.
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    But notice how the article states they are only wanderers. No breeding population. That's what always gets me. We may have some, but they don't really live here. I don't know about you, but hiking all the way from Montana to Missouri is a very long way to go, "looking for love." I know there was at least one in the Southern Ozarks of Missouri. We saw it leap off a bluff, hit the center line of a two lane highway, then leap all the way across to the the other side. Scared the crap out of us.

    I don't know about you, but I've never heard of a lot of mountain lions being hit by cars in the western states. There is just too much forest land in the Ozarks for them to never even get close to a road.
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    i thought they recently acknowledged they were in the state when the last game cam picture surfaced... and no, not the one with the monster
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    One was caught in North Little Rock a few years back. AGFC claimed it was "someone's pet that escaped."

    I had a discussion with a wildlife officer.

    "If I see one, I'll shoot it."

    "If you do, you'll go to jail."

    "No I won't -- legally I can shoot any animal depredating or about to depredate on my property."

    "You'll have to turn the carcass over to us."

    "No, I won't. Your position is 'it's someone's escaped pet.' I'll have the sheriff seize the carcass for damages, have the hide tanned and hold it until the owner shows up and pays the damages."
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    Yeah, I don't buy that bit about the wanderer either. If there's boys then there's girls.
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    It reminds me of the scientific study on Adam and Eve. Mitochorndrial DNA studies show we are all descended from the same woman, who lived in Africa. Years after that was announced, more sophisticated DNA analysis showed we are all descended from the same man. The news release said, "He probably also lived in Africa."

    A friend commented, "Either that or he had a dingus about 3,000 miles long.":biggrin:
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    Don't believe much the G&F says, why should I believe this crap? They been saying the same thing for at least 20 years, didn't believe it then, don't believe it now.