Missouri Cougar

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by johnf, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I don't know how true this story is, but I got it from my principal today.

    here is a photo of a cougar killed in steeleville, mo. the guy who shot it is 6 foot tall and weighs about 220 lbs. he was in a deer stand and saw the cat pass him downwind. he then saw it pass him upwind. when the cat passed him again (closer this time) downwind, he knew that it was hunting him. so, boom.

    after viewing this, do you still feel safe in the woods?

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    I am cautious in the woods. I have saw thier tracks where I hunt, and heard them while turkey hunting. They have been seen in Missouri as well as Arkansas.
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    OK, the 9mm stays home and the 44 rem. mag goes on the hip next time I venture out. Maybe it's bogus, but I don't care, why take chances? :uhoh:
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    Doesn't matter where it was killed- that sucka is a toad!
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    Thats a big cat, but it was not killed in MO. If memory serves me right it was killed in AZ or NM. And do I fill safe, heck yes. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of hunters hunt out west where these things are common and you hardly ever hear of a hunter getting killed by one. Most cougar fatalities come from California since they banned cougar hunting. You stop hunting and chasing them and they no longer look at you as a threat but dinner
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    Looks like Texas if this website is right


    I would bet that there are more black bear fatalities than cougar fatalities anyway.
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    Dude has nice camo huh! Must have killed it while out jogging! :biggrin:
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    I saw this same pic 5 years ago in a Dolores Colorado store.

    Killed in front of hounds north of Cortez I believe.

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    I heard he killed it this way?

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    x2.......:eek: :eek: