Missouri Bog Oak trumpet caller.....

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    Don't know if any one here has ever seen this stuff, but here in Missouri oak that has been covered by the swamps for thousands of years turns completely black from the mineralization. You see a lot of this from Russia and Europe places where the "bogs" are plentiful, but here in this area it is rare to find since a lot of the bottom lands have been converted to farm land. We were fortunate enough to find a log about five feet long and a couple feet across. So I have been waiting for it to dry enough to make a couple calls, this one is on Ebay right now, it is one of my Arkansas Toothpick styles and sound sweet....pappy
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    That's pretty sharp. You make any glass calls with that kinda wood?

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  4. I am guessing that you are referring to a pot call? I could do that. I make glass over slate pots in what I call a dual purpose call where the sound board is utilized as a secondary calling surface. here is a pic of such a pot call, I send two strikers with each dual pot....for four distinct calling sounds from one pot call.
    this is an osage pot call with titanium over slate with a walnut striker.