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Miroku manufactures weapons for Browning, Winchester, Charles Daly, and IIRC Reminton.
This gun is 98%+ Looks to be unfired, if it has I can't tell.
I picked it up in a package deal with the other one I have listed.
It looks to be a mirror image to the colt police positive.
There is a small mark on the cylinder, and the back of the grip. That is what keeps it from 100%
It has a mirror black finish, beautiful piece.....I'll quit now before I talk
myself into keeping this rare find.
350.00 OBO Trades welcome

Here is a little info about Miroku.
It pertains to their shotguns but gives a bit of insight
about the quality and connections you may not have been aware of. ... nmaker.pdf View attachment 19561 View attachment 19562 View attachment 19563
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