Millenium Climbing stands......

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by Mossybuckkiller, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Mossybuckkiller

    Mossybuckkiller Well-Known Member

    Anyone have one and would like to share their opinion on them? My wife just ordered me one for Christmas and I'm very excited just wanted to get someone who actually owns one, opinion.
  2. possum

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    I've never hunted one of their climbers, but their loc-ons are great. :thumb:

  3. Mossybuckkiller

    Mossybuckkiller Well-Known Member

    I've heard good things about there lock-ons, I'm sure the climber can be just as comfy.
  4. pounder

    pounder Well-Known Member

    millenium climber

    Their a little noisy on the setup,clack clack with the adjuster and you have to keep up with the cable guides with elastic straps but life ain't perfect but the seat is close to it, especially if you get a cold weather pad. Their wide open which is good for bow hunting and I always set mine up a day or two before hunting. If I carry a stand to set up and hunt when I get there I use a Summit their almost noiseless in setup and lighter.
  5. Mossybuckkiller

    Mossybuckkiller Well-Known Member

    Thanks pounder. I'll just take my loggy bayou out if I don't have the time to set up before hand. I hope though, it isn't to loud.
  6. bow4me

    bow4me Well-Known Member

    Kinda loud and hard to set up but nothin matches the comfort and the fact that you can adjust it as you climb to fit the tree. I got one i'd sell for $250 thats only been on a tree 5 times.
  7. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Well-Known Member

    My bro got a millenium lock on this year and I've hunted out of it a couple times. It's the best sittin' stand you're ever gonna come across. The lock-on is really easy to setup too. If I hadn't bought 2 gorilla lock-ons last year I could afford to buy one. I've never had any experience with the millenium climber though. I can't imagine it would be that much different.
  8. MojoMan

    MojoMan Well-Known Member

    first off the stand packs FLAT as you could get (PLUS+)...Very sturdy stand but do have to be careful if you go from standing, back to sitting down the top of the seat will rub a bit on the tree creating a little noise and as you know from the seat, its stretched pretty tight so will squeak somewhat? and the height of the back of chair caused me to miss an 8 pt. at 15 yds with my bow this year! was trying to shoot straight behind me and bow limb hit the top of the chair. (MINUS-)...What I do like about getting it around a tree is that the cable does not SAG like some when you throw it around (PLUS+)..Since the end of the cable is all you have to deal with attaching to the stand,(Has a notch to put end of cable in) then use the built in slider pin, move to where you need it, and twist to tighten.. theres No lining up the holes to insert pins or anything, and I really LIKE that! (PLUS+)..Although the first 2 times that I attached it to the tree, It seemed more cumbersome than any that I have used and was afraid that I wouldnt like it as well as my others, just wasnt used to it yet??(MINUS-)..But like anything didnt take me long to adjust to getting it up fast in the dark and climbing with it...NOW when climbing with it, since that big seat folds up and down, what I have to do is when pulling up on the top of stand use my thumbs to keep the seat upright and from hitting against the tree while going up it (MINUS-)...havent figured out another way but that really seems like the ONLY way to do it??..Really the only complaint that I have about the stand is the strap at the top used to secure the stand when packing it in...small loop with a small velcro strap that goes back thru to secure it..I feel there is not enough velcro once you loop it over and back thru to hold the top of the stand flat, so I have started looping it thru and tying a knot..If you dont get that secure, while walking, the stand will bounce against itself and drive you and the DEER crazy!..ha....The platform is not the Widest but is plenty big for standing on it since the seat folds up too.
  9. Mossybuckkiller

    Mossybuckkiller Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feed back guys. I imagine that it will be like anything else, just takes me some time to get used to it.