Milk prices

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    thats a good thing because most of use use more gas then we drink milk.....................:up:

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    Milk is bought from the farmer by the hundred pounds, current farm milk price is right at $22.00 per hundred pounds, less the cost of hauling to the plant which is usually $1.50 to $2.00 per hundred. So the average dairy farmer is get'n about $20.00 per hundred pounds of milk or $1.66 per gallon. When we sold out in 2001 the break even farm price for milk was $15.00, I talked to the manager for Arkansas Dairy Coop last week and he said he figured the break even price for milk for a farmer is now around $24.00 to $25.00. So every hundred pounds of milk a farmer sells he goes in the hole $2 to $3. When we were in the business for 30 years, we averaged selling about 12,000 pounds of milk per day, so if we were still in we'd be going in the red about $300 to $400 per day, about how it was when we sold out. We lost around $100,000 a year the 6 years we were in the dairy business. In 1986 there were just over 2000 dairies in Arkansas, today there are right at 100, and I don't see how they are stayin in business. If you buy milk in Arkansas it probably came from west Texas, New Mexico or Kansas where the average dairy is around 2,000 to 5,000 cows. Some milk over 10,000 cows per day out there. So like most things, it's going to cost more, but the farmer ain't the one get'n it.

    By the way, $4.59 a gallon = $55.08 per hundred weight. The farmer only got $20 of that.
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    you're gonna have to do like me and hunt for the milk that's a day from going out of date and offer em half price for it! Bought 4 gallons and got it 2 for 1 the other day. Sell by dates can get you some good deals on perfectly good food.
  4. I don't have to drive but I gotta eat.. My grocery bill is more than my gas bill every week and it keeps getting higher.. Somethings got to give..
  5. Groceries are crazy and we eat lots of deer meat.
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    Subsidize agriculture............…Because Starvation Sucks !

    You ain't seen nothing yet....
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    but if the price of gas goes down its cheaper to deliver goods then goods start to go down atleast we hope........................
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    This whole deal was started by high gas prices and last summers drought just made things worse. Thank the oil companies.
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    A gallon of moo juice here in town is little over 7.00 , a loaf of bread is 4.00 . This summer I bought a case of water that cost me 27.00 .Like everything else here , groceries are crazy expensive .
  10. I'm afraid you are correct..:banghead:
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    What town, jcp???
  12. Are ya'll that remote or are the prices high because of the higher wages in the area??
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    I believe he is up around the Dakotas laying pipeline for OnG industry.
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    Oh, that explains it !!
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    Yep, the dairy farmers have about starved out here in AR. If you want cheap milk, you can always buy your own milk cow.
    I know folks that milked for 30 years and got nothing out of it but hard work.
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    Watford city , north Dakota. Everything is brought in from bigger towns and they are several hundred miles away . Our store only carried hostess bread, when they quit baking we didn't get bread for about 2 weeks. We usually go over to miles city montana which is 3 hr drive to get stuff , it's cheaper and no taxes. Our prices are mainly caused from greed and high wages .
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    Dairy cattle are fed by corn. Anybody seen corn prices compared to a few years ago?
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    NE Ark
    Ever heard of a "diet"?? :fit:
  19. I've been on that seefood diet you recommended for the last 5 years and I think I'm starting to finally see some results..:cool: