Military Pay Too High????

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    CINDY WILLIAMS was appointed by Obama as an Assistant Director for NATIONAL SECURITY in the Congressional Budget Office.....

    Military Pay

    This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America .

    Ms.. Cindy William wrote a piece for the Washington Times denouncing the pay raise(s) coming service members' way this year citing that she stated a 13% wage increase was more than they deserve.

    A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this.

    "Ms Williams:
    I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GI's earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes per month. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an annual salary of $13,413.60 before taxes, and $10,490.40 after.

    I work in the Air Force Network Control Center where I am part of the team responsible for a 5,000 host computer network. I am involved with infrastructure segments, specifically with Cisco Systems equipment. A quick check under jobs for "Network Technicians" in the Washington , D.C. area reveals a position in my career field, requiring three years experience in my job. Amazingly, this job does NOT pay $13,413.60 a year. No, this job is being offered at $70,000 to $80,000 per annum............ I'm sure you can draw the obvious conclusions.

    Given the tenor of your column, I would assume that you NEVER had the pleasure of serving your country in her armed forces.
    Before you take it upon yourself to once more castigate congressional and DOD leadership for attempting to get the families in the military's lowest pay brackets off of WIC and food stamps, I suggest that you join a group of deploying soldiers headed for AFGHANISTAN ; I leave the choice of service branch up to you. Whatever choice you make though, opt for the SIX month rotation: it will guarantee you the longest possible time away from your family and friends, thus giving you full "deployment experience."

    As your group prepares to board the plane, make sure to note the spouses and children who are saying good-bye to their loved ones. Also take care to note that several families are still unsure of how they'll be able to make ends meet while the primary breadwinner is gone. Obviously they've been squandering the "vast" piles of cash the government has been giving them.

    Try to deploy over a major holiday; Christmas and Thanksgiving are perennial favorites. And when you're actually over there, sitting in a foxhole, shivering against the cold desert night, and the flight sergeant tells you that there aren't enough people on shift to relieve you for chow, remember this: trade whatever MRE's (meal-ready-to-eat) you manage to get for the tuna noodle casserole or cheese tortellini, and add Tabasco to everything. This gives some flavor.

    Talk to your loved ones as often as you are permitted; it won't be nearly long enough or often enough, but take what you can get and be thankful for it. You may have picked up on the fact that I disagree with most of the points you present in your open piece.

    But, tomorrow from KABUL, I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    You see, I am an American fighting man, a guarantor of your First Amendment right and every other right you cherish...On a daily basis, my brother and sister soldiers worldwide ensure that you and people like you can thumb your collective noses at us, all on a salary that is nothing short of pitiful and under conditions that would make most people cringe. We hemorrhage our best and brightest into the private sector because we can't offer the stability and pay of civilian companies.

    And you, Ms. Williams, have the gall to say that we make more than we deserve?

    A1C Michael Bragg, Hill AFB AFNCC
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    i remember when that came out. Pretty sure we had a commander call because of it

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    ooooooo-saaaaawwww.... ooooooo-saaaawww...
    Ok, now that i've shed some of my knee jerk reaction.
    Perhaps what this fare lady should do is venture over to Walter Reed. I personally had the displeasure of having to spend several months over there this year.
    As I was hosted by our govt with free air fare, room and transportation to and from WR.
    All for the explicit pleasure of reuniting with my son after his sudden dismissal from his second deployment. Seems that all you have to do over there to get a quick ride home is simply do your job well enough that the enemy deems you a threat to their existance. Hence they will lay in wait for you in their attempts to kill you. (probably out of jealously for the amount of money your govt is giving you)
    Really.... in all fairness. The only hard part of the trip was entering an ICCU room and seeing the charred face of your son that was left by an RPG. Complete with the many splittered wounds left by shrapnel. :mad:
    Anyone starting to pick up on my sarcasim yet?
    In my time there, I did meet and come to admire many of our courageous young soldiers that make up our all volunteer armed service. I can say this with absolute certainty. THE :censored::censored: IS SMOKING CRACK IF SHE THINKS OUR KIDS ARE MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY IN THE ARMED SERVICE!
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    Dually5.9 i'm at a loss for words. sitting here watching my daughter crawl around on the floor i couldnt imagine going through that from a parents view or a fellow service member view
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    Well, I know John didn't intend on posting that article for the express purpose of raising my blood pressure. And John himself has seen firsthand what war is. I appologize to all that may find my post somewhat offensive. I personally did not enter the armed forces. I chose a career in specialized law enforcement and lost friends in 'combat' on the streets of america. The first one was making 8.50 an hour when he was shot once in the leg and 3 times in the back of the head. I think I am qualified to speak about this. And to read where someone with absolutely NO firsthand knowledge of what they are talking about gives their opinion on what they 'feel' is more then I was prepared to read. My son is doing much better now and it's hopeful that he will get to come home from WR sometime in the spring. :flag:
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    I did my time at walter reed. no fun at all.

    QCDually5.9 tell your son I said THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    them were the best words i heard while i was there.
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    Not much has changed since Viet Nam. My wife worked to make ends meet because I sure was not able to bring home the bacon for the first two years in the military. Viet Nam was not much better, but there was an additional $65 per month combat pay. The military pay scale has always been a "barely able to survive" system. :thumb:
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    Well.....I spent some time at the Balad CASH and Landstuhl Army Med Center back a couple of years back....Our young'n had both legs shattered and shredded, 3/4" chunk of steel lodged in a lung.

    He's made it back to almost 80%. He should get his first company command soon. Life in the 82nd is hard on a young Captain. I'm sure he doesn't make as much as most of the people he graduated college with.

    What get's me is the amount of people who are getting a check each month for PTSD...I know two who were Nat Guard in the 39th...who were in Taji Iraq in 04 who never left the wire...never performed a foot patrol...never in a firefight...and are now getting a check. Wow...

    I had guys who survived close ambushes in Afthanistan in 02, multiple kills, multiple pupple hearts in the platoon...two were denied even help...I knew one guy was gonna have a rough time after pushing a 40mm auto grenade launcher (MK 19) into one assault force...taking one who had made it to the hood of his HMMWV but lost his head somehow in the process...this guy has had problems ever since...he keeps in touch with his old Plt Sgt....he finds it difficult to get VA Meds...One of the 39th guys I know never left a desk....getting paid now though! Must have spent some bad times at that desk.

    Soldiers don't get paid enough....some will have spent a career on active duty and have problems for the rest of their lives...while others spend a year on active duty file a claim and get paid for the rest of theirs....

    I've deployed multiple times to combat zones from 83-07...there will be more claims from this latest than any in the past.
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    it is funny how this is now being blamed on OBAMA when this EMAIL has been going around since 2001.

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    Don't remember anyone blaming Obama...just thought a comment was made about a Presidential Appointment...

    What's all this stuff about FACTS?

    Only fact I saw is there is a letter posted on here about military pay....somebody just finds it odd that a person who complained about military getting paid too much while Bush was in has a Presidential appointment by Obama.

    If you want to argue the FACTS then post something that disputes the Presidential Appointment.

    Thank You!
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    miltary pay

    This is bogus. I just pulled up the pay rates for enlisted personel.E1 base pay is 1440.00 per month plus per diem and housing allowance if they live off base.Sounds like a lot to me since I went in at 90.00 a month.I don't know if their pay is too low or not,but lets at least start with the right numbers.
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    My son spent some time at Balad. He spent 8hrs outside, 8hrs down, and 8hrs QRF rotations. He was lead gunner in IED patrol. When he came back for his 2wks, I picked him up from the Memph. airport. We didn't make it 2 miles till we happened upon a box on the side of the road. He had been talking to me and didn't see it till we were ontop of it. He was still diggin a hole in the passengers floor board when I told him he could stand down, that he was home now. I didn't laugh or joke. I knew that 24hrs earlier, he had finished up his last patrol before jumping across the pond. He has talked about the same stuff you mentioned about folks that never left the wire. That's just folks trying to take advantage of the system. He has handled the stresses of combat, the taking of life and the loss of friends. But catching that RPG threw him a curveball. He told me once, not long after I settled into WR that after the RPG, the engagement continued and he knew he and his driver were in bad shape. He had come to grips that he was gonna die if things didn't change quick. It was about that time that one of the medics showed up and got the two to the rear while others provided cover fire. He to this day will tell you that that medic saved his and his driver's life. As in any crowd, there may be some opportunity takers over there. Pondering on how they can beat the system. But now, we have some of americas finest over there with them. And these kids are NOT overpaid. Not by a longshot.
    Glad to hear your son made it. From a parental point of view, going through that aint easy.

    Will do j. And thank you.
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    "I've deployed multiple times to combat zones from 83-07". Dirtdart, don't mean much in the ways of the World coming from me....but....THANKS! Thanks to all that have gone in harms way and had their loved ones do the same!
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    Thanks QC, demented.... QC your son will have to deal with that for the rest of his life. It was rough to see both legs in external fixators and an entire body that ,wasn't covered in body armor, riddled with damaged skin tissue caused by debris, mostly gravel.

    So many of our young soldiers are in need of extended physical and physiological care. Just upsets me to see the non-deserving riding the gravy train.

    It was good to spend Thanksgiving with the family. His wife and little girls helped him through dark times. I hope he's seen the last of them.
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    dirtdart = "I hope he's seen the last of them."

    Me and you both bro, me and you both.
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    Back the hell off mwmwbm....this ain't about yer boy obama, it's about our military and the pay they are getting. In case you haven't noticed, it's also about getting things out in the open, and cleared out of one's soul. There's many many people suffering because this country uses up the flower of our youth in the armed forces, fighting and dying for oppressed peoples around the world....while the government[politicians] in this country, enrich themselves by sitting on their :censored: doing nothing except railroading this country down the tubes. Stay the hell outta my thread it's obvious that you don't belong in this. And anyone else that thinks the comparison in pay, from our young men and women in the military, to the birdbrains we have in Washington DC; is not absolutely appalling, can kindly also refrain from posting in this thread. Thank you! ~john
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    I recieved this in my email, and we[several of my veteran friends] took it up to discuss our pay we recieved, and the pay as it is in today's armed forces...we all agreed that it was deplorable at best. I meant to take obama's name out and put "president" in, as I did in the other websites I posted it....not wanting to give obama any undue publicity. Here is the C.Williams that started it all: I believe it was in 2,000 and I want to draw as much attention to the way this country spends[wastes] the wealth as I possibly can....believe it should be used better. Especially when it comes to those to whom its owed!!!
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    Snopes is a Liberal website ran by Liberals. And Liberals like to pull out Snopes like Maddie Ross pulls out Lawyer Dagget.
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    Following the end of WW2, ALOT of young men returned home, hardened by their experiences. Some of them, unable to re-enter their social networks and family groups, died at their own hands.
    Others, re-entered society only to find that it was missing a key component to what they had become accustomed to as a part of life.... Risks... lots of risks... the kind that would get you killed. And in their quests to fill that 'gap', so was born various ways of life as we now know it. Anyone ever heard of the "Hells Angels"? Yep, just one of the many sub-cultures to be formed by servicemen looking to take risks.
    And with each war and/or 'conflict' since, we have had history repeat itself by these returning service members. Some came home to find open arms from family, friends and nation. Some did not.
    Fortunately for us as a society, (possibly through alittle education of our own history) we have united again as a nation that welcomes home our service men and woman. BUT... that doesn't and hasn't changed the way our service members are returning home. Alot of them, having seen and experienced combat firsthand are still returning and seeking that 'risk factor'. A very real problem with that is that in today's technological world, it's not too difficult to find 'risks' that are not really risks but certainty.
    For instance: As a serviceman returning home from combat with a small cash reserve that was built up during a tour of duty, a large number of options exists for the risk taker. A 200mph+ motorcycle can be purchased. A plethora of sports cars that will put you into the mid 140mph are available. An over abundance of companies that are eager to take your money and let you do just about anything that will put you on that 'edge' are out there.
    So why the long read? Because I strongly believe that it is crucial that families and friends of returning soldiers be educated about this. After my son returned home from his first deployment, I kept an eye on him and his brothers in arms. Most of them knew me as a gun toting hard:censored: that had alot of respect among various sub-cultures. And that gave me the 'in' to pull them off to the side and talk if seen fit. I pulled more then one off to the side in my attempts to keep their arrows pointing north.
    Bottom line. Their is NO amount of money that can or will reimburse a service member for his/her contributions in combat. And for anyone to actually open a debate or make a statement to the contrary is a reflection of their ignorance, thereby disqualifying them from the start.

    For all you family members and friends, remember this and keep it in the back of your mind. Some (not all) of you WILL see what I'm talking about upon the return of your service member. The only common denominator (if there is one) that I've seen in this is this. If your service member was good in combat, well respected amongst his peers and excelled at what he did, keep a watch over him as he reassimilates back into his/her pre-combat way of life. I hope this helps someone. :flag:
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