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  1. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    How many of you use a primer pocket reamer to get crimps out? I don't have a swagger and have a hard rime buying one when I have an rcbs case prep station that seems to do great work. Any downside to this? This is just my plinking rounds not my shooter rounds.
  2. kfarm

    kfarm Well-Known Member

    I use a counter sink bit in a drill. Go easy and don't take off too much.

  3. allyellow

    allyellow Well-Known Member

    I use a RCBS swage die for my single stage. Works well for me with no problems at all.
  4. buske475

    buske475 Well-Known Member

    I use reamer works fine on 30/06. Mil brass
  5. pdosh

    pdosh Well-Known Member

    RCBS swage die for me too. I haven't used it much yet but looks like it does what it supposed to.
  6. varmit_master

    varmit_master Well-Known Member

    X2 like the way it works I could got u one like new had both small and large pockets. The guy wanted 20.00 shipped to your door it didn't last long I paid 32.95 for mine. If u want me to keep an eye out for one for 20.00 dollars I will. Richard
  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Just do enough that it removes the crimp only. Get too deep and you can ruin the case.

    I have a couple of different kinds of pocket swagers as I shoot lots of crimped brass.
  8. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    I just picked up the Lyman case prep station. It comes with reamers for both small and large. That's the only reason I went with Lyman over RCBS, as the RCBS version doesn't come with all the tools the Lyman does. My next winter project - build a new reloading bench so I can get around to using it :doh: Been living here almost a year and haven't had time to load a round yet.
  9. dkhern

    dkhern Well-Known Member

    i use a wilson i/o deburer even turned one down and cut into so i could chuck in horrizonal shaft and motorize it
  10. r6487

    r6487 Well-Known Member

    i like military brass--used to swage (rcbs on single stage press), then take the lyman primer pocket reamers out of the wooden handle, chuck them in the drill and square up the bottom of the primer pockerts. my dillon 650 had a crunchy feel to it on the primer short stroke (like the bottoms of the pockets were not swaged enough). the 650 paperwork expressly does not garantee it will work properly with swaged military brass (as they have no control on whether the swage is adaquate). most of the mil brass I have had of late has worked great with only the rcbs swager.