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mike freeze wattwnsaw youth hunt

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my son got drawn for the youth hunt. Does anyone know how good the hunting is there and if he has a chance to kill a big buck.
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I have took my son there two years in a row and we havent hardly seen anything. Not saying you wont just saying maybe the activity hasnt started yet.
The youth hunt falls a little early for it to be real good, but hey its Wattensaw so there is allways a cance for a good'un.

I'm not sure when the youth hunt is @ Wattensaw, but usually the rut starts round about Nov. 15th. There are some dandy bucks there. Hunt the does.
Had gun permits down there last year..Seen more deer there than any place we hunted...Seen 8 does the first morning...Any more thats almost unheard of hunting on public land...Think what helped that there was alot of people roaming around on the private ground..But you never know we found lots of good sign toward the end of huntin season..(who's to say it'll be like that this year though)Good Luck!!!
Was down there this past weekend. Area still holding lots of water. Sloughs are for the most part full, which limited our ability to get where we wanted to go. Hunted there during last years youth hunt with my son and saw several nice deer, only saw maybe 8-10 other hunters on the whole place. North and West fringe areas seemed to be holding the most deer. Would highly suggest going down and spending a weekend there scouting, its really unusual terrain. Lots of food plots. Good luck and be safe..
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