Migration is slow: Water still open to the Minnesota Border.

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by willcfish, Dec 6, 2012.

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    The waterfowl migration is slower than normal. I deer hunted the first 5 days of December in North Central Iowa and no travelers. Just a few flocks milling around. Usually it is flock after flock of Mallards and Canada Geese. There some pretty good calls on the beginning of this video and the birds here know where it is safe to land. This was taken early Goose season.
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    Noone cares about your video from 2 months ago. This is AR not the Midwest.

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    I thought the video was interesting. If you dont care about the video then don't watch it you little punk. And yeah I'm talking to you BandedWoodrow. You are a freaking childish piece of crap biggot. You most likely wear face paint and drive a jacked up truck. Your known for bandwaggoning and making the rudest comments I've ever seen. Now go back to class before they take your phone away. P.S. you do not know how dumb you make yourself look just trying to start stuff. Have a boat wreck peace
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    NE Ark
    Another one bites the dust. :salute:
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    Seriously though. Guy posts something waterfowl related in a waterfowl forum and gets shredded. I don't get the attitudes in this forum sometimes. If you care about ducks in AR you should also have interest in the entire flyway. Then again this is a "Me" generation coming up.
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    Seriously??? I hope your buddies and he knows it. Otherwise that comment was completely out of line and you need to learn some respect for others. Jasper went to far but at the same time made a good point, to bad he made his point the way he did...
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    Waterfowl has mirgated for thousands of years regardless the weather.
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    According to game and fish there are more birds than most years at this time. If so they must be standing on top of each other in the little water in the state. They can't add 2 plus 2 much less count half a million ducks.

    Migration is based on weather conditions by the way. If they never got froze out or ran out of food they wouldn't come south
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    I thought the title of the post was about migration - I think the first couple of responses must have thought it said "menstration". Maybe they missed their midol.
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    Then why do the blue wings teal come thru in August ?
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    Sarcasm doesn't come across well on the internet.

    What concerns me is that you knew I wear face paint and my truck is jacked up 13 inches.
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    Face paint YES!! Truck NO!