Mid American Hunting Assoc.

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by bowtime, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Is anyone a member,Or know any good/bad info.about it..I am seriously looking into it..Or leasing some out of state land to hunt on..Its a little expensive but cheaper then leasing I think..Thanks for any info...bowtime
  2. y hunt

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    I have seen post in the past on here. You might do a search. Seems like a good deal if you have the money for the membership and all the license and tag cost. I know to hunt all seasons in MO it runs around $800.00 a year.

  3. Dermott

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    Bowtime, I am a member of an organization like MA called Hunting Sports Plus and we have about 800 properties primarily in MO & KS but some in IA, NE, & SD. Several Arkansans are in it besides me and so far it has been good for my hunting partner and me. http://www.huntingsportsplus.com/about/info-packet/sec1-Lease_Locations.pdf or http://www.huntingsportsplus.com/

    PM me & I will be glad to tell you about HSP. Steve/"Dermott"