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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by cmark, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Hi again. I introduced myself in early November and was greeted wonderfully. I am heading to Hardy from Michigan on Sunday to close on my future residence Monday morning. I will be in town till later next week. I got a real warm welcome from a member here thats turned into lunch with our wives on Monday. It's a gesture of hospitality that puts a nice spin on the transition and reflects well as to the best of my expectations. I am looking forward to casting a line off the dock....up here if you want to catch a crappie or perch, you better be dressed darn warm and have creepers on your Sorells. Anybody in the Hardy area during this time who might want to share some local yore, PM and I will follow up. Merry Christmas everyone!


    Oh - Deer Hunting.....I hunt in the thumb of Michigan, a town called Ubly. I shot a doe on the second day of firearms season. 140 dressed and estimated 3.5 years old. FWIW.
  2. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Welcome to the neighborhood. I hunt just a few miles east of Hardy.

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    Welcome to Arkansas!!! Hardy is a nice area too.
  4. welcome to the great state of arkansas
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    Some good hunting in Michigan. Guy I work with is from Jackson another from the UP in Iron River. Should be warmer in Hardy.
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    NE Ark
    My guess would be a local name for some type of ice cleat on the bottom of his Sorell boots.
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    Welcome to Arkansas. I lived in Michigan when I was in high scool from the 9th to the 11th grade At Lakeshore. That's right between Berein Springs and Saint Joseph. Right on the lake, That's one place I really miss sometimes. But not the cold. I came back home in 74 to graduate at Dumas.
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    Welcome to Arkansas. kinda funny when i read where ur from i wondered "how is he gonna tell me where he from on his hand via the internet" but you accomplished it....:fit::fit:

    hope ur ready for these warm winters down here. i actually broke a sweat today (65 degrees) i'm from OH go OSU
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    creepers on Sorrells

    Are indeed ice cleats on winter boots.
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    Welcome to Razorback country partner. :up:
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    You can put them ice cleats on ebay if you plan to stay in Arkansas!:biggrin:
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    Bout time you got smart. :up: I moved from MI 20 yrs ago and haven't missed it yet. Well, maybe the deer hunting a little.... News said the pop in Mich dropped like 10% in the last decade I think.
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    My boss lived in MI a while, and he was just telling me the other day about how everyone in MI uses their hand for map.

    Hardy is a cool area. The Spring River has some great fishing, and some great partying too. Find some areas that the canoe outfitters dont use so you can fish once the aluminum hatch comes off.
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    MI has some great outdoors for certain - though I never spent much time there i did spend a summer/fall in Duluth MN .... good deer hunting with big bucks, black bear and Lake Superior (Chequamegon Bay) and the local lakes and rivers were excellent fishing IMO (Brule)

    I think AR has a lot of deer, lots of public lands to hunt, some excellent rivers as well and lakes to fish.
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    Get ready for our extreme weather "TORNADOES"! Just ask a few folks between Hardy and Ash Flat!
  17. JohnnyMac

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    Welcome to the natural state,

    After looking at the make up of Ubly, I think you will feel right at home in Hardy.

    You will also find that Little Rock is very similar to Detroit if you ever get to missing the big city.
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    We travel up to the UP for a 10 day bowhunt every year. Close to Gwinn, MI. Not much for deer up there, but we have a dang good time.
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    What does that mean?

    Welcome to Arkansas!!!!!!