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  1. How many of you out there are having problems with meth heads tresspassing on your leases??

    Right now our landlord is again clear cutting on the lower road of our lease, and for some reason their cutting crews can't seem to remember to close and lock the gate when they leave at night so the meth heads have free rein to just run up and down our lower road all night long.

    I spoke with our local deputy earlier in the year and he told me that he too many acres to cover and it was just him in our part of the county. And the meth heads know he the only law in that part of the county and that he only has a car, so they set up their meth labs in places that take either a four wheeler or 4x4 to reach.
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    Call the State Police and/or the county prosecutor and tell them the situation. Might get even more attention if you tell 'em that you are going to shoot any Meth Head you catch on the property....

  3. You know if Meth Heads put as much effort into being a legally productive part of society as they do in making Meth .............WOW!

    We might have have a solution to our gas problems!!!
  4. We have not had any problems on our lease, but according to a deputy sheriff it gets a little closer all the time.
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    Yes, I have found places they have cooked it. I would rather not let the law know that I know anything about the drug world.:smack: If you live in Arkansas someone is cooking it near your house.
  6. TH why would you not want the Law to know you know anything about the drug world?
    If you find something call your local law enforcement and ask for the DTF(drug task force)number and call them. They love tips and help guiding them in the right direction.
    Is Grant county in F troop for the state police? I know the drug boys for F troop and they would love tips.

    Just because you know of drugs doesnt make you one. remember the police are but a few and could use all the help they can get in this war!:wink:
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    I have no use for a :censored: dope head.
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    Me neither, JR, but we're outnumbered and surrounded! :uhoh:
  9. And we don't have jail space for all of them.....................

    Look I am a supporter of the death penelty and extending for other crimes ............but I am a little of a rebel.:thumb:
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    They don't need any tips. Man there are Meth Houses on every corner. If they are not selling Meth, they will be selling crack. I can see it.:smack:
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    I have plenty of experience with them. I have a second cousin who has been caught more then once and spent time in jail and I actually found a lab while turkey hunting a few years ago and my cousin and I turned it in. Our biggest problem though, is a guy who poaches who was in a meth ring helping deal the stuff and he ratted everyone else out and isn't going to jail. He killed well over his limit of deer this year and the gamewardens know about it and have received multiple calls about him they just haven't been able to catch him yet. He and many others have done their share of tresspassing along with spotlighting. A man who lives where I hunt actually had his donkey shot at night from off the road by people probably spotlighting. It is a huge problem that the few that act right are having trouble stopping!
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    two of my friends found a working lab a couple years ago on their lease. They are cops so they reported itcourse
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    I have 40 acres with a old, but very livable house on it. (use to be) The meth freaks have broke in and ripped all the electrical wiring out of the walls and ceilings.:mad: The guy that has property up the road said he knows who they are, he seen there vehicle up there. I called the sheiff and they can't do any thing about it without actually catching them. I have something for them if I catch them.:biggrin:
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    :idea: Hang'em High!
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    That seems to be the out for alot of our enforcement agencies these days. But what blows my mind is to sit & listen to some of them talk. They can tell you who it is, where they are doing it, when it is happening, & what they do with it after the fact, but they allways seem to be lacking one thing, being there when all of the facts they know are taking place!:smack:
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    If you think law enforcement is serious about meth heads, then you're mistaken. I know, many, many try hard but overall, fed, state, county, and city law for the most part does not care about stopping it. I've known several cops, mayors, sheriffs, etc that started really cracking down on drugs and most of them were soon fired, demoted, or families threated by death threats until they slacked up.

    There are a few good ones out there, but there are outnumbered 50:1. Its hard to bust these guys when they are tiped off everytime, right before the "bust".
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    One of my main concerns about these type of folks is a few years ago I was reading a magazine and this has happened here in Arkansas. A hunter was going through a clear cut came across someone's pot patch. Needless to say it was booby trapped and when the hunter hit the trip wire well you can guess the rest. What if you were with one of your children? Or grandchildren? It is no secret these type of people do not care but I do.:frown:
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    All too often the reason the folks serious about cracking down on drugs start getting pressure is because they start getting a little too close to catching some of the more prominent citizens and/or their family members and friends. :smack:
    With all the doping and stealing going on these days something is gonna have to be done. Maybe if a few more of them were actually punished then a few would be dopers and thieves would think twice before breaking the law.
    I heard a good story the other day though.... think it happened in Fordyce but I'm not sure. An 80 something year old man came home and found that his place had been robbed. Luckily for him the police were able to catch the guy fairly quick. Anyway, the cops brought the crook to the old man so that he could apologize to him. After he finished talking the old man just looked at him and told him that if he ever saw him on his place again he was gonna shoot his #%*. They crook said something else about being sorry and the old man said, "Did you hear me? I said if I ever see you around my place again I'm gonna shoot your #%*!"
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    I'm suprised the cop didnt arrest the old guy for terroristic threating ... that seems to be more the reality these days :smack:
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    Ain't that the truth.
    Of course I don't think the man was making so much a threat as he was a promise. :thumb: