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    Pattie Sue LaRue: We need better understanding of mental illness

    Pattie S. LaRue

    Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:48 PM CST

    Parents want to keep their children safe.

    Is gun control the answer? Is home schooling the answer? I think not. The answer to making the world safe for children and adults is better care and understanding of the mentally ill.

    When the government wants to reform Medicaid or Medicare, the first areas hit by cuts are those affecting mental health services. I do not pretend to be an expert in the way government works or in the social work field. I am simply a mental health patient who knows other mental health patients, mental health providers and others who deal with mentally ill people on a regular basis.

    People who do not fight the daily battles with their own brains, or fight the battles through relatives, who scare them, do not comprehend the complexity of the problem. It takes a tragedy like the shooting last week to open people’s minds.

    A mentally ill person can be extremely intelligent, at least to the perspectives of what society views as the norm. He may be confused by his own outlook on life, or he may feel guilty because he knows that society sees life and death from different eyes. He knows that his personal views are deemed wrong and, by expressing them aloud, even to his therapist, he could be in trouble. So, he doesn't stop thinking them, he just buries the thoughts.

    This is where society messes up. If a person can even get mental health treatment (and this gets harder every day), people are afraid to open up and talk to therapists. Instead of opening up, patients are afraid, so they hide behind an act of being better off than they truly are. Sure, they talk about stress and finances and perceived mistreatment on the part of others in their lives, but they don’t discuss the areas where they really need help.

    I admit that I am guilty of this myself. I know my problems are deep. But I also know that I am not able to get counseling often enough, nor can I get counseling when I truly need help. Appointments are weeks apart and they never seem to fall on a day when my emotions are getting the better of me.

    “Write it out in your journal,” is the advice I’m given, and I’ve repeated that advice to others with emotional issues. But whatever is plaguing me has been worked through by the time I get an appointment.

    However, if a person is to the point of becoming a shooter, the appointment may not come in time. Many times, a shooting may not have a scheduled time. It is a question of opportunity and an occasion.

    What sets off these mental episodes that erupt into such complete and horrid violence? Only the person who has reached that point in his head knows for sure.

    Mental illness is not given the serious concern that it needs by the people who determine insurance guidelines. Many insurance providers do not provide help for mental issues. Many mental illness clinics do not accept insurance that does pay for needed treatments. Therefore, many people get no treatment. I read about a mother who was afraid of her own child. The advice she received was to turn her son into the police and have a criminal record started. The child needed therapy and probably some medication, but that was not available.

    Until the people in a position of power decide to fix health care to benefit mental issues in this country, the country will continue to see people snap under the pressure of mental illness.

    This world has become so stressful that even the sanest of people are losing control of their lives. In the midst of all the chaos, how are the mentally ill supposed to keep it together? No longer are the clinically diagnosed grouped together in asylums. Now, the majority of us live alone battling all the same stressors that the average citizens face. Plus, we fight the stigma of illness and the hardships of trying to find help in a world that would rather we simply disappear.

    It seems like the only time society wants to think about the issue is when something drastic happens. And maybe that is the real why behind these modern day tragedies.

    Pattie Sue LaRue is a Searcy National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) volunteer. She can be reached by email at [email protected].
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    Every person I ever knew, including me (ESPECIALLY including me), is mentally ill.

    Now what?
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    This is what scares me when people talk about the Government needs to do a better job of locking up the mentally ill. Think about it, all the liberal, gun hating, homo-rights supporter, pro-abortion people already think that people like us are nuts!
  5. I use to think the same thing until I actually got to know someone that was truly mentally ill.. I don't know the answer to all this mess but I don't see banning weapons as the answer or arming every legally sane person as the answer.. What I do know is that the folks that carried out these savage acts had major mental/social issues long before they had possession of a weapon..:shrug:
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    My point? My BIL was seriously mentally ill. He threatened to kill many people, many times. He couldn't be put away. No legal grounds. Threats are illegal, but not grounds to commit.

    But if they DO change the laws to put away mentally ill people, I'm pretty sure the government will have me behind bars shortly thereafter. Clearly, they will/do think me crazy.