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  1. Tomorrow will be one of most memorable hunts ever. I have not hunted with my father since I was around 15 or 16. And I left for the Army before my little brother was old enough to go. He is a LOT younger than I am. :whistle: Tomorrow they are coming out to my house to go hunting with me. It will be the first time in years since I have hunted with my father and the first time I have ever hunted with my brother. We are going to two different locations with a stop at the house for lunch in between. They both just started bow hunting this year. Dad has before but he took a pretty long break. I am really excited and honestly don't care if I even see a deer tomorrow. It will be a memorable day for me. I am really excited about it. Don't get me wrong it would be 100 x better if we all three got a deer but I will just enjoy knowing I am hunting with them. I really hope my father gets a buck. He has never got a nice buck. If he gets one that would make my year right there. I know that this means nothing to most of you. I just thought I would share my day tomorrow because I am so excited about it.
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    Sharing time with loved ones in gods beautiful creation that good stuff right there let us know how it turns out good luck with the deer !:flag:

  3. thanks, hopefully things will pan out for us. I appreciate it. If anyone gets one I will post pics.
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    I know tomorrow is going to be very special for you. Thanks for sharing this. I love hunting with all my boys it is such a special time and I know you are so excited. Have a great day!
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    Good luck!! :flag: :up:
  6. Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
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  8. They are about 10 minutes out and I am bouncing off the walls and excited as a kid on xmas eve.
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    Sounds like your going to have a really good day, Good luck hunting.:up:
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    sound like yall should be haveing a good about now. i don't get to hunt with my dad has much as i would like. how bout posting pics. deer or no deer. what matters most is what is dear to your heart.:wink:
  11. well the winds were PERFECT the corn was out, the cold front was moving in. Everything was in order for a great day and a good chance of killing a deer. I did not even hear one in the distance. Had I been hunting squirel, duck, geese, chipmunks or turkey. I would have had my hands full. I did not see or hear a single thing that made me think a deer was even alive out there. None of us seen a deer. We were all set up in different locations about 400 yards apart. Nothing was seen. When we were leaving we seen probably 20+ deer. But it was way past sun set to even think about it. All in all a wasted hunt. BUT it was most definetly the best and most memorable hunt I have ever had. I can honstly say it was my favorite hunt I have been on. I got to spend an entire day with my dad and my lill brother. I hardly see either one of them so it was a great experience. I wish there would have been some dead deer but at the same time I wouldn't change it for the world. I loved spending the day with them. Sorry there are no deer to show you guys but I loved hunting all day with dad and my brother.