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Good Deals!

I know it is sometimes scary to conduct buisiness with someone on the other end of a computer. You really don't know if they are a good person or if they are out to skin you out of some money/merchandise.

I said all of that to say this:

I have had the pleasure of doing buisiness with several guys on this site and had good experiences with all of them. They are AR74, Wes Ramsey, Bruin, and Earnhardt Fan #1. I would not hesitate to do buisiness with any or all of them again.

Thanks Again,

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Hey Wes , I would have stayed and talked with you guys but you caught me at the wrong time , I've been sick the past couple of days and had to drive 2 hr.s back home last night . Nice meeting both of you !!!!!!!!

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I would vouch for these folks as well. Mr Chitlin, FB, Buck, Dodgeman, Rjet, Hilltop, Dspeaks, Reflex, Octoberbuck, HoytUSA, 270win, Solocam, ARkansasDon, Bowcrazy, Cache, Puddle, Tony R, Tony Harris, CDay, Artomcaller, Cjdavis618, FiremanMSmith, goosemonkey, Hill Hopper, Bart C, wild willey, Deerhunter, Earnhardt fan #1 , fullcredit , Hambone, Hill Farm Hunter, kildog , LTH , Paul Jones , possum. rattle-m-up, LX_Shooter, snydawg, bayman1975, ODC, fairweather, carbon arrow

I don't know if I should include Rjet, but I guess I will, he did send me some cash for sending him some boots, even though they were his in the first place:thumb: . Solocam has surely scalped me, here and there, but he keeps me half way updated in newer equipment:thumb: .

CDay has a excellent clock cleaning business:wink: . Artomcaller got some good dogs. Octoberbuck, good shirt screening. 270win good website maker. fullcredit, good buck scorer. Cjdavis618, good computer guy. ARkansasDon, good camo dipper. Dodgeman, good all around handyman carpenter and bow tuner.. Carbon Arrow, also good bow tuner.

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Thanks Lee, I pretty much would go by that list as well. You'd make a pretty good fireman too. :thumb:

I can also say that Swamp Rabbit, 2dogs and Remman can be added to that list. I know there are more, I just can't remember all the names to go with the stuff. :smack: I've slept alot since then. :biggrin:

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Thanks Chris,,,,I hope to never provide my services to anyone. Cause when that happens someone is probably not having a good day. But if something does happen, I will do all I can to make a difference and help. :thumb:

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I like to see posts like this one! :thumb:

I like the idea of a buyer rating system of some sort but dont have a clue how to set it up. Its probably something that we'd have to talk to our software guy about.

I think that overall we've got the best group of folks on any forum on the Internet but I wouldnt call myself impartial. :wink:

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I think that overall we've got the best group of folks on any forum on the Internet but I wouldnt call myself impartial. :wink:
I'd have to agree 100% with that. This forum has a knucklehead or 2 on it, but most of the other one's I've seen have only a few decent guys and the rest are the knuckleheads.

Don't know how ya'll do it F B, but thanks for having a place like this for a regular ole guy.

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I'm going to "Sticky" this thread. Nothing wrong with recognizing the "good guys". :thumb:

A recent "Good Guy" deal for me was with M1Tommy. Great guy to visit with and great transaction!! :thumb:

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Guys I did some business with conwayhntr, and he was a super nice guy, and gave me a great deal on a gun that I had been looking for. I love getting to meet our members and put names and faces together.

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Wouldn't be more user friendly to make a list that you can just add a name too (like how we do the hunting contests) rather than a long post about each person that you'll have to read through? I mean this thread is good and all, but is kind of hard to find who you are looking for when you have to read through each post and it's only going to get worse with more additions to this thread. Maybe we could have 2 sticky's. One with JUST a list of people you've had good dealings with where people can add to it with no comments, and another to discuss the dealings if they want. Just a thought.

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Here is a list of those that have conducted a positive trade, sell or purchase of an item on this site. The number in the ( ) next to some of the names is the number of times that person has been left positive feedback. Please look through the list before you add a name to make sure it is not already on the list. If it is already included, please add 1 to the number in the ( ). Also, no comments please. Just copy and paste the list into a new reply (do not select "quote") and add a number into the ( ) or add a name. Thanks.

  1. AR74
  2. Wes Ramsey
  3. Bruin
  4. Earnhardt Fan #1 (2)
  5. Buck (2)
  6. damlockman
  7. Mr Chitlin
  8. FB (2)
  9. Dodgeman
  10. Rjet
  11. Hilltop
  12. Dspeaks
  13. Reflex
  14. Octoberbuck
  15. HoytUSA
  16. 270win
  17. Solocam
  18. ARkansasDon
  19. Bowcrazy
  20. Cache
  21. monsterman
  22. conwayhntr
  23. JR
  24. Puddle
  25. Tony R
  26. Tony Harris
  27. CDay
  28. Artomcaller
  29. Cjdavis618
  30. FiremanMSmith
  31. goosemonkey
  32. Hill Hopper
  33. Bart C
  34. wild willey
  35. Deerhunter
  36. fullcredit
  37. Hambone
  38. Hill Farm Hunter
  39. kildog
  40. LTH
  41. Paul Jones
  42. possum
  43. rattle-m-up
  44. LX_Shooter
  45. snydawg
  46. bayman1975
  47. ODC
  48. fairweather
  49. carbon arrow
  50. firehog
  51. Swamp Rabbit
  52. 2dogs
  53. Remman
  54. M1Tommy
  55. Hillbilly Archer
  56. JR2

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Better? :thumb:

  1. 270win
  2. 2dogs
  3. AR74
  4. ARkansasDon
  5. Artomcaller
  6. Bart C
  7. bayman1975
  8. Bowcrazy
  9. Bruin
  10. Buck (2)
  11. Cache
  12. carbon arrow
  13. CDay
  14. Cjdavis618
  15. conwayhntr
  16. damlockman
  17. Deerhunter
  18. Dodgeman
  19. Dspeaks
  20. Earnhardt Fan #1 (2)
  21. fairweather
  22. FB (2)
  23. firehog
  24. FiremanMSmith
  25. fullcredit
  26. goosemonkey
  27. Hambone
  28. Hill Farm Hunter
  29. Hill Hopper
  30. Hillbilly Archer
  31. Hilltop
  32. HoytUSA
  33. JR
  34. JR2
  35. kildog
  36. LTH
  37. LX_Shooter
  38. M1Tommy
  39. monsterman
  40. Mr Chitlin
  41. Octoberbuck
  42. ODC
  43. Paul Jones
  44. possum
  45. Puddle
  46. rattle-m-up
  47. Reflex
  48. Remman
  49. Rjet
  50. snydawg
  51. Solocam
  52. Swamp Rabbit
  53. Tony Harris
  54. Tony R
  55. Wes Ramsey
  56. wild willey
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