Meating reality... And rejecting it!

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  1. Watching these folks try and kill their own meat after getting it shrink wrapped all their lives is both funny and sad. Today's culture has been so far removed from the reality of how things work. Our agricultural living off the land history has faded away. Many would probably starve before killing Bambi the deer or thumper the rabbit... or that's what they say. Get hungry enough and your Ghandi philosophy will R-U-N-N-O-F-T. PETA in their efforts to brainwash children refer to fish as "sea puppies"! That's sicker than it is funny. A couple of clips;

    Can't be their first time... vegans are made not born.

    Have some neighbors that the wife is a vegan. She has had many serious health issues. Her husband, once an avid hunter, has become strongly influenced by her over the years and now doesn't hunt or hunts very little. People can eat what they want, fine it's America. But staying healthy eating veggies is a tough go. Even if they don't kill their own meat, meat eaters should be able to face the reality of how their meat comes to the table. jmo
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    These are videos of the people who are going to attacking us on November 4th, I'm really worried now.