Mayan Apocalypse or whatever

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by sam, Dec 21, 2012.

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    All this talk about today or yesterday or whenever being the end of the world got me to thinking about what happened here back in 1980 when the Titan II Missile Silo exploded between Damascus and Bee Branch and only 3/4 of a mile from my house, they evacuated everyone for about 6 ot 8 miles around it. They got everybody out, going door to door and driving around with loud speakers. Well, they managed to miss one couple in Damascus, they'd gone to bed early and didn't know anything was going on. Now you couldn't have picked a better guy to miss, he was absolutely the spookiest guy in the county. So the next morning he gets up and drives up to the coffee shop just like every other morning and there is no one, anywhere. Not a single vehicle on any road, no traffic on HWY 65, no stores open, nothing. Now he said later he got to thinking the "Rapture" had come and he was the only one left behind, but he got to the coffee shop and saw all the regulars were gone, so he knew that wasn't what happened. About this time two Air Force MP's in full space suits and M16 rifles confront him and want to know what he's doing there. By now he's in full panic mode and he asks them what's going on and they tell him and tell him to leave, the last part was totally unnecessary. The thing that surprised all of us that know him was that he stopped long enough to get his wife, but to his credit he did, and then he proceeded to evacuate all the way to Louisiana, best we could tell.
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    NE Ark

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    I thought yesterday that if a small earthquake had hit Peru, or some meteor had blasted into the Pacific Ocean and been recorded, that a buncha really smart preachers woulda come outta their rolexes.....
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    My dad told me that story last time we drove by there, said a wrench fell and set the detonator off.
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