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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by woodsnwater, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. woodsnwater

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    Well, several months ago I posted a possibility we may move. Well, nothing concrete, but doing some talking. It is hard to leave after being on this piece of dirt after 42 years all my life. There soon will be a house up for sale. Sounds good and we know the people. 3 BR,2Bath house with shop, in ground pool ( I could do without ) and extra land. Puts me further from work and her closer. Plus step son goes to Carlisle as well... Coolest thing I'll still be in the country. Hell will freeze over before I live in town. It's just a lot to take in and think about. No more drama from neighbors and starting over meeting to people. Stressed already:smack:.... Just talking and trying to think things through... I am not the one who jumps with both feet. I look to see where I am landing 1st...
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    i live right in the middle of mountain home and i hate it, neighbors like to complain about my dangerous beagle :head: ... if i had a chance to live in the sticks i'd be all over it

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    Go for it. After living in a subdivision, we moved last year, as I was told we would be PCSing, but this past spring. Well that never happened, but the house did sale. We now rent a place in the country, and I love it. Granted the kids do now have as many friends close by they can play with, but we don't have the drama with the neighbors. We now have orders to move soon, but once we come back to the states in 2015, we are buying a house with some acreage in the country (once the wife lands a job). Living in a subdivision where everyone tries to keep up with the Jones' sure broke the wife wanting neighbors within eyesight of our house ever again.
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    Never lived in town and not gonna start. We drove by there after church.. Nice place..