maxus , Vinci , or a400 - 300

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by dudeman, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. dudeman

    dudeman Well-Known Member

    Looking to buy a new shotgun. Any details good or bad on browning maxus beretta a400 or a300 and Benelli Vinci. I've shot a Benelli super black eagle and I really don't care for the feel but it was light and shot good so I'm wondering about the Vinci. Also I like the feel of the maxus and the beretta extrema had a good feel but a lil heavy. Curious if the new ones have improved on thes details
  2. jdrake19

    jdrake19 Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased a Beretta A300. I really like the way it shoots. Definitely has a cheaper feel than the $1,600 guns as expected. The way I looked at it was I could buy an A300 for $700 and spend $900 on an AR15 LOL.

  3. Razorback123

    Razorback123 Super Member<br>The Original BBDH

    I have a Vinci and love it!!!!
  4. duck hunter41

    duck hunter41 Well-Known Member

    I have the maxus an the A300 like them both
  5. dudeman

    dudeman Well-Known Member

    Duck hunter which one do u prefer to shoot
  6. Doug Fryer

    Doug Fryer Well-Known Member

    Have you given any thought to the new A5? Got a friend with one and so far good reviews. Still think I'll let it ride another year or to before I pull the trigger....pun intended.:biggrin:
  7. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    Can't go wrong here. It's personal preference. I have the Vinci bc it fits me. The one thing I prefer about the Vinci is the ability to strip it down so easily and have no little parts to lose.

    If something happens and inn standing in water I could break it down without having any pins or.mag caps to drop. It's a genius design.
  8. waterfowler15

    waterfowler15 Well-Known Member

    Deffinently atleast look at the new browning A5!
  9. ARTom81

    ARTom81 Well-Known Member

    I like the Maxus, just an opinion. I have one, a versamax, and a X3. Shoot the X3, the others are nice too. Never had any issues.
  10. hashjb

    hashjb Member

    go buy you a Remington 870, best gun out there, will shoot 30 years with no cleaning. when the city boys with their Benelli's are trying to figure out how to get theirs to work, you will be shootin' all the ducks!
  11. david_hunter_82

    david_hunter_82 Well-Known Member

    Browning or beretta can't go wrong with either
  12. dudeman

    dudeman Well-Known Member

    I haven't got to look at the new a5 but my dad shoots the original and I never really liked looking down the hump back. Also I think the maxus is the same as a super x3 right ? I just know a guy that had a junky super x2 so that kinda scares me from the x3 but I'm sure it's a great gun too. As for as the 870 I got one we all prob got one but it's time to move up in luxury
  13. waterfowler15

    waterfowler15 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure that the maxus is the same as the x3... The browning silver is the same as the x3.
  14. 1fowlmood

    1fowlmood Active Member

    I bought a maxus this year and love it so far. It shoots great and feels great. No problems at all.
  15. TWAGG

    TWAGG Member

    I bought a SuperVinci this year and absolutely love it. If you post on here about a gun you are always going to have someone comment with a wisecrack comment about the "good ol 870". while it has proven to be a dependable gun, the quality has gone down in recent history as does anything mass produced and sold by walmart. You get what you pay for, and there is a reason walmart doesnt sell Benelli. Anyway however you go I would check the price on , i saved about $300 bucks by using them.
    You just have to get what fits you best and not worry about anything else. After all you are the one who has to live with it.
  16. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member

    Browning Maxus I bought 2 years ago has been totally reliable and shoots well. I use it for turkeys and predators but bought the Mossy Oak Duckblind camo pattern one as that was all they had the first year. I had continuing problems with my Remington 1187 Turkey Gun jamming and traded it in on the Maxus.
  17. birdman24

    birdman24 Well-Known Member

    Exactly. I hunted with a buddy yesterday that was using the one-shot wonder 870 while I was smokin em with my Super Vinci. His gun would jam up after only one shot, so he would have to dig his shell out with a knife after every shot. I can't speak for the other autoloaders out there, but the Super Vinci points incredibly well and is smoother than silk. Shooting doubles with the thing is nothing because of the tiny amount of recoil even with 3.5 inch shells.
  18. Go get ya a winchester super x 3. I just got one and I love it.
  19. quax

    quax Well-Known Member

    Franchi affinity. 7yr warranty
  20. chevyduckhunt

    chevyduckhunt Well-Known Member

    My dad got a versa max this year and that thing is nice. Low recoil and light weight. As far as it holding up I'm not sure but he tends to take care of his guns and not to hard on them. He don't use them as boat paddles like I have been known to do with my nova.