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Matt's first Hog

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Checkout my grandson's first hog hunt. It has some pics and a video.
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Ike- I like your stories- you are a lucky man with that grandson and years down the road that grandson will have been lucky you are a part of his life! I got a feelin you have another hunter in the family!
Thanks. We had a good time. Now he sits in the living room with me watching hunting shows "Be quiet, there is a buck coming in"
What a sweet, sweet, baby boy. Y'all are making memories he'll never forget. I'm so glad you got that baby boy with you. Give him a hug for me. Nice hunting.
Great story, pics, and video Ike........ Congrats

If you ever want to get together and go to George's get in touch with me. I believe my son and I are going in March.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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