Matthews SQ2 Compound Bow

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    Matthews SQ2 27.5 inch draw 60-70 lb pull.This bow shoots great and is in really good shape. 31 inch axle to axle so it is a great tree stand bow. PSE sights,whisker biscuit arrow rest,doinker stabilizer,and 4 arrow detachable quiver. The bow is decked out ready to hunt.I have killed several deer with this bow and had no intention of replacing it,but I came across a great offer through a friend on a like new bow I just couldn't turn down.I am asking $300 for the bow for more info you can call me at 501-208-2650 or 501-757-0009 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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    Is the draw length adjustable or do you have to have a completely new cam?

  3. crofford

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    I don't think you can adjust it but I will check with the dealer I bought it from and find out.