Mathews Switchback Cam Question

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Hallboy17, Jun 16, 2011.

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    You guys that are pretty knowledgeable with Mathews bows may can help me out on this. I bought a new-to-me Mathews Switchback XT, but had to get a 26-1/2" cam ordered an installed. After it finally came in and was installed at my local bow shop, I realized that it is a LD cam, and not an XT. What difference will that make? I think the cams are made specific for the regular swithcback, the XT, and the LD. So I would think there should be some difference.
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    Thw switchback and the Switchback LD took the same cam (C1) The XT took a dedicated cam......I would go back to the dealer to verify...Or call customer service at mathews and find out. There was very little difference in the cobra cam series...but was a little bit. (Dual perimiter disc vs single disc for example)

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    Yes the xt has it's own cam . The ld cam was for the reg switchback,ld,& the s2 .
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    I took my switchback xt back to the bow shop today and vented by frustration that after waiting 5 weeks for them to get my LH 26.5 cam in, that they got the wrong cam in and installed. I seriously have my doubts about this bow shop now. First it takes forever to get the cam in, and it didn't seem like an urgent deal to them...just business as usual. Then, I would think that an authorized Mathews dealer would recognize that they got in an LD cam instead of an XT cam. They installed it and everything. The right cam is ordered let's see how long this one takes. If I hadn't already dealt with them an paid for the wrong cam, I would have gone to someone else. They said since Mathews shipped the wrong cam that they would rush the shipment.

    Nothing is as frustrating as getting a new bow and not being able to shoot the darn thing.
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    Good deal....Hopefully you want be out to long!!!