Matching shotgun and 1911

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by duckhunter2-2007, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. duckhunter2-2007

    duckhunter2-2007 Well-Known Member

    For sale matching Rem. 870 wingmaster tactical shotgun and Nighthawk Custom Talon 1911. The Talon is my personal pistol I bought 3 years ago and had some extras done. The shotgun is a rebuild I did myself on a used 870 Wingmaster I bought a year ago. I know most people won't be interested in guns in this price range but please check on the prices before you start posting low ball offers or telling me how crazy I am.:biggrin: Price is $2500 for the pair firm.
  2. diggercat

    diggercat Well-Known Member

    How much for just the pistol? I have a Wilson CQB.

  3. duckhunter2-2007

    duckhunter2-2007 Well-Known Member

    $2000 for the pistol by itself. I have a few extras that will go with it.
  4. btech29

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    Man thats a sweet deal! Would you do installments?
  5. duckhunter2-2007

    duckhunter2-2007 Well-Known Member

    I would if I wasn't trying to come up with down money on a truck.:biggrin:
  6. btech29

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    Im just joking man. Thats a great price on that 1911. I would love to have them both. Anyone that knows about Nighthawk will appreciate that price. :up:
  7. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    My installment plan is 100% down, no monthly payments.
  8. btech29

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    What kinda interest we talkin?
  9. bo_hnter

    bo_hnter Well-Known Member

    Hate to see ya get rid of your 1911 bud!! Im looking for a buyer for ya still..
    Hope yall had a good christmas, well as good as could be expected due to circumstances.. I know exactly what its like.. If ya need anything holler at me..

    If anyone is EVER interested in purchasing a top of the line custom built 1911, this is by far the best chance you will EVER have for one like this.. Plus your pretty much getting a 750 dollar shotgun for free!!
  10. duckhunter2-2007

    duckhunter2-2007 Well-Known Member

    Pistol is sold. So I'm going to offer the shotgun by itself. $450 Here's a list of everything I did to the gun:
    Choate M4 butt stock - $90
    Mesa Tactical butt stock adapter- $55
    Hogue pistol grip-$15
    Hogue fore end- $25
    Choate +2 magazine ext.-$45
    PSI Ghost ring rear sight-$114
    PSI fiber optic front sight-$55
    Complete coyote tan permakote would cost $175 to have done here at the shop.
    Plus a Remington 870 Wingmaster to put it all on.
    Add it all up and you'll see I've got quit a bit more in it than I'm asking for it.