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Marlin X7S SS synthetic 30-06 with Burris 3-9X50mm scope Excellent almost new *

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I have a Marlin X7S Stainless Synthetic Bolt action rifle with a Burris Fullfield 3-9X50mm Matte black scope.

This rifle was purchased new in October and has been fired less than 10 times. It has the adjustable trigger with marlins version of the the accu-trigger much like savage offers. The trigger is light and crisp, the best feeling factory trigger i have ever pulled. With factory Remington Corelokt ammunition I printed a 1" group at just under 100 yards using a bag of corn on a table for a rest. Id like to see what this weapon is capable of with some handloads and a proper shooting rest. The scope is one I already owned but is in nice condition and is likely the best scope I have ever had. Very clear picture with good eye relief. I have the original box and the paper work.
I'll take $500 for the package including the remaining ammo.

Please private message me if interested. I'm in Alexander.
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If you are interested, PM me an offer. I need to get this sold fairly quickly.
$480 anyone? The scope alone was over $250 when it was new.
What? Are you just wanting to buy the stock?
It's a dandy, and with the optics at $475 I truly believe it's a good deal. I have taken fantastic care of it.
Ok, $450. If anyone is interested in just the rifle, shoot me a pm with your offer.
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