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For Sale: Marlin 336 in 35 Remington

“Blondie” Walnut stock (Beautiful and not very common)
JM stamped barrel with excellent bore
Excellent to Very Good condition
Manufactured in 1979
Buck-horn iron sights (folding)
Sling swivels

I hate to do it, but I am putting my beautiful 35 Remington up for sale.
She is a real Marlin manufactured in Connecticut.

She is in great shape and will kill just about any large game in North America.

Price is $450 and that includes 70 rounds of factory Remington Core-lokt ammo (40 rounds of 150grain & 30 rounds of 200grain)

For $550 I will kick in a (like new) set of LEE dies w Crimp and shell holder, ~100 pieces of once fired brass (FL sized / primed with CCI), and a ~100 count box of cast boolits (lubed with checks/196 grain)

For $600 I will kick in all of the above plus a Lyman Spartan single stage press in great shape will all of its parts.
It accepts modern dies and shell holders.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
Lowballers need not contact me. You will be wasting your time.

I prefer to sell as a package.
If the rifle sells without the hand-loading equipment, I will post that stuff for sale then.

I am in Little Rock and not interested in traveling outside of central AR.


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Dang you are killing me! I already have one in 336c but danged if i don't want that one too. Somebody buy this thing....:smack:
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