Marlin 22 Magnum magazines

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    I read a magazine advertisment several years ago of a 5 round magazine for the Marlin 982 in 22 mag. cal. Can anyone help on where to buy these short magazines. Even though it reduces your ammo capacity, the current one that extends below the gun digs in your back when shoulder carrying.
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    I've seen Marlin short mags for the 22LR's, but don't recall seeing any for the magnums. You might give Marlin a call, if they make them they would probably sell you one.

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    Call Larry they have just about everything for your gun or hunting needs.
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    Let me know what you find, how much they are and where.:up:
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    marlin 22 mag magazine

    haven't found any yet. I remember the mag. article was about a company in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. the short mag might not have gone over big enough to market it.
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    22 mag

    tks, I've been on the Marlin website and could not find them listed.
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    I got mine from Marlin last year. It was not blued but shiny.
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    22wmr mag

    i think those will work also. worth a try.
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    marlin 22wmr magazines

    thanks for info. picked up a couple off