Marine stands guard at elementary school

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Mr. Chitlin, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. CBD

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    Very noble act, and it's good that the school has someone watching for anything suspicious, but really he's pretty much defenseless, himself, being unarmed.

  2. Keep em coming Mr C. This one is awesome
  3. JB Weld

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    That is first class!
  4. Somebody needs to drive by and hand him something to zap with.

    How about a trained, armed, body armored guard patrolling the halls and grounds of every school in America? That would be some well spent tax dollars.
  5. jhw

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    A Marine is never defenseless. :flag:
  6. Timd1978

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    OHRAH!!! Semper Fi, do or die!!!
  7. bmccullough1

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    I was gonna say that!! Very true!
  8. CBD

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    Oh, forgive me, I failed to realize the super human powers that all Marines possess. I bet they don't even really need to be armed during combat, the enemy will be so scared just by looking upon them that they will turn and flee!
  9. Buckrub

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    And what will you do when one of the trained, armed, guards goes rogue? Will you then arm all teachers?

    Then what will you do when an armed teacher goes rogue?

    What will you ban then?

    Some questions have no answers, as much as that strains our mortal selves' belief in our ability to figure out every single thing on Earth.
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  11. Quack addict

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    This would be the mental illness part that rational people do not understand. Can we predict when the next nut will crack? No, but I'd sure like to have somekind of chance to even the playing field. This isn't a once in a while occurance, it's becomming scarily regular. ( 37 since 1974)
  12. johnf

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    Kinda what I thought.
  13. RippinLips

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    You underestimate the abilities of a Marine.
  14. CBD

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    Hmmm, maybe so, or it could be that you over-estimate them. Please feel free to enlighten me!
  15. RippinLips

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    The United States Marine Corps is the finest fighting force the world has ever seen. For 237 years, we've allowed Americans like you and yours to sleep peacefully at night. It's not an airman, soldier or sailor standing in front of that school. It's a United States Marine, and he is making a statement that even after his time as an active duty Marine is finished, he still believes that his duty to protect innocent Americans is not.

    I could post countless quotes about Devil Dogs, but I think this will suffice:

    "You're making the wrong assumption that a Marine by himself is outnumbered." - Gen Peter Pace,
    28 Jul 06
  16. ozarkhunter

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    If a teacher or anyone else decides to go rogue now what's there to stop them?
  17. sricen

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    Don't need to be a Marine to do this. Check into the WATCH DOG program. Get with your schools. I volunteer once per month at my kids school to do this very thing!
  18. sricen

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    Maybe he is, but I'd rather a defenseless adult trade places with a defenseless child. I volunteer once per month to do this very thing and would be more than willing to put my defenseless self between the nuts gun and a child!