Managed Recoil Rounds?

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  1. jeffb243

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    Im hoping to get my 9 year old cousin a chance at a deer this next season. I own a remington model 700 .270 Would managed recoil rounds be efficient enough for him, or do i need to borrow a buddy's .243/.223?
  2. flintknapper

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    How big a boy is this 9 year old cousin? I've seen some 9 year olds that could shoot full-power .270's!

  3. My Grandpa uses those reduced recoil rounds. he loves them, and has had excellent results with his .270. when i was learning to shoot i shot my uncle's 270 some with regular loads, it was about right for me. but there again i was a a big kid.

    my little cousin who is 11 shoots a ruger .243. he is big like i was, but he likes the .243 better than the .270 mostly because it is lighter.

    both rounds are great though.
  4. johnf

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    If he's got the "little man" attitude, you'll never hear about recoil even if it's killing him. My concern would be a 9 year old shouldering an adult gun. I would try to find a good youth gun for him.
  5. 10pointman

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    I second that motion.
  6. possum

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    We have a motion and a second.

    I vote....yes.

    I guess I had the "little man" attitude growing up because I wanted to hunt but it was either hunt with want I'm handed or stay home. My first hunting trip was a squirrel hunt in the hills around Shirley when I was around 9 or 10 and I was given a Remington 1100 to use. I was expected to carry and shoot it, I wasn't very big :censored: I was 5'9" and weighed a whooping 125 lbs when I graduated HS, I still remember picking myself up after every shot that is if could even get the barrel lifted high enough to take a shot.
  7. MichaelT.

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    If the gun can fit him, I vote a definite yes on the managed recoil rounds... They are great.
  8. possum

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    That would be the only thing that'd change my
  9. johnf

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    I'm 5'6" and find it difficult to shoulder some adult guns. Length of pull more than 14.5" is really uncomfortable for me. I'm most comfy with 13.75. You might not think so, but that .75" makes a huge differenc. If he's smaller than me he can't be comfortable with it.
  10. MichaelT.

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    Don't stereotype or generalize about people..... He may have monkey arms.:smack: :biggrin:
  11. give him a .300 win and tell him to get tough :thumb:

    my dad had me use his old single shot 20 gauge that he used as a kid to squirrel hunt with when i was about 10 or 11. it killed my shoulder just as good as it killed squirrels, but like possum said, it was use that or stay home
  12. adchunts

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    I definately vote for the managed recoil rounds. My boy (he's 11 and small for his age) used my Remington .270 to take his very first deer this season. I used the same rifle out west on antelope and also took a good 8-point here at home. Shot Remington Express 130 grain Core-Lokt for me and Managed Recoil rounds for the boy.

    I did put a Nikon BDC scope on the rifle. That allowed me to sight the crosshairs in at 100 yards for both the Core-Lokt and Managed-Recoil rounds, and let me use the BDC feature for the long range shots (up to 500 yards). This rifle took game from 17 yards to 350 yards this past season.