Man Shoots, Kills 'Chupacabra' in Ky

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by .270Win, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. .270Win

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    What do you think it is? Maybe a coon with severe mange....the front feet look coon-like but the ears ain't exactly shaped like coon ears. :head:


  2. John Stiles

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    Yup...hairless coon, feet, nose, ears, size all match. THe reason the ears don't look right is simply the hair....makes them look more pointy.:up:

  3. shady grove

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    I dont think that varmint could wup a goat. It looks like a naked coon but Ive been wrong plenty......
  4. Ozone

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    But he still has the bar b cue warming up!

    (alot less mess to clean up when you clean 'em.)
  5. a hairless coon was my first thought too. :up:
  6. woodsnwater

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  7. BDW

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  8. jjarvis0007

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    Chupacabra disguised as a naked coon
  9. beltcutter

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  10. Hairless coon or not, that most definitely is what people are referring to when they are describing or thinking of a "chupacabra."
  11. melhuntin

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    looks like he must live close to nuclar plant ???:idea::head:
  12. 4hunting

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  13. browning_gold_12

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    there was a hairless dog killed around here not too long ago. AGFC and the OCSO were notified. i was talking to the reporting party th other day, a sweet, older black lady. she told me she knew good and durn well that it was one of the "chupercobblers". I like to have fell out!!:fit:
  14. what is that critter suppose to be related to cat small dog what it said coyote like :head: dont know about yall but i want to hunt one:clap::fit::up:
  15. Tink

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    That's a sewer rat for sure.
  16. tmeredith

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    That's a chupacabra if I've ever seen one.

    MO HUNTER Well-Known Member

    BG12.... From now on, we will not be referring to them as Chupacabra... I hear by proclaim they be called Chupercobblers.... :fit: That was the funniest thing I have seen in I dont know how long.
  18. Oh Boy, he's in for it now.
    He shot BIGFOOT'S CAT! (bigfoot is alergic to cat hair you know)
  19. jwalker

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    They actually shaved a coon LOL