Malzahn Should Never Be A Head Coach

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    Sheesh!! What idiot AD would hire a head coach like Malzahn? He has no experience in high level football programs. Fresh out of high school where all he did was have one conference where nearly all were accusing him of recruiting and refusing to play him (He was beating them like a yard dog.) Produced a number 1-2 high school team in the US. Offensive co-ordinator of the year in the SEC. Coached a #2 Heisman candidate. And now against Bowling Green and NCAA record book. Any one would be a fool to hire such an inexperienced college coach. He should at least have his job shared with a more experienced coach until he learns the ropes. Then maybe he will know what he is doing. At the first of the season all of those ESPN commentators were right. The hurry up/ no huddle spread is a go no where offense. Defensive coordinators will figure it out in a hurry and then nothing. Bowling Green almost shut them down for 3 minutes!
    Any AD that would hire him as a head coach is a fool. The AD should hire him as OC for 2 million turn over the keys to the offense and then hire the Head coach for one million and tell him to keep his grubby hands off. Then when he is experienced possibly a head coaching position.
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    ...Of course it helps that Bowling Green "gift wrapped" the first half, but I don't think Tulsa really needed the help! Wife and I watched the whole thing, laughing all the way.

    Maybe Bobby P. will go on to greener pa$ture$ in five years or so. Perhaps by then 'ol Gus will have enough experience to apply for the AR job again. Or maybe somebody bigger than us will make him an offer he can't refuse.

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    someone will give him a chance to be a hc soon.
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    I hear Atlanta & Miami are looking.
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    Yep, I think that he has done about all he can do at the college level. :biggrin:
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    Tulsa experience is ‘blessing’ for coach

    Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2008


    TULSA — Gus Malzahn doesn’t talk much about his short-lived stint as an Arkansas assistant coach.

    Now the co-offensive coordinator at Tulsa, Malzahn remains mostly mum when asked about spending a turbulent 2006 season with the Razorbacks and his subsequent exit — with all the accompanying drama — across the Oklahoma border.

    It was a brief courtship and a messy divorce that in many ways severed the Razorbacks ’ fan base.

    Malzahn was named Arkansas ’ offensive coordinator amid great fanfare and expectations, but things unraveled quickly. There were alleged clashes with Coach Houston Nutt about how much of Malzahn’s hurry-up, no-huddle offense would be run, as well as tension between Malzahn and other members of the Arkansas staff.

    Four of Malzahn’s highly touted players at Springdale High School followed him to the Razorbacks, and they experienced their share of turmoil as well. Wide receiver Damian Williams and quarterback Mitch Mustain, the Parade national Player of the Year, eventually transferred to Southern California, while Andrew Norman ended up following Malzahn to Tulsa. Arkansas is now down to the Springdale one, tight end Ben Cleveland.

    “Obviously, you can look back and it was very complicated at times,” Malzahn said.

    Malzahn, 42, prefers to talk about his first season with the Golden Hurricane, which he refers to as “a true blessing.”

    Tulsa (9-4 ), which plays Bowling Green tonight in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Ala., has thrived in Malzahn’s highpowered Spread offense. The Golden Hurricane is averaging 39. 5 points and 374. 6 passing yards a game, everything Razorbacks fans envisioned for their program but never got to enjoy during Malzahn’s time at Arkansas.

    Malzahn has found a comfort level at Tulsa, largely because of Coach Todd Graham. The two have taken similar career paths and can relate to each other. Like Malzahn, who won big at Hughes, Shiloh Christian and Springdale, Graham cut his coaching teeth at the high school level as a head coach in Texas and Oklahoma.

    The common background provided a natural chemistry.

    “It’s been a lot of fun coaching, no doubt, this year,” Malzahn said. “Coach Graham has a lot to do with that. We think a lot alike offensively. He loves to throw the ball deep and put pressure on defenses.”

    Graham, a former assistant to Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia, took the basics of the Mountaineers’ Spread offense with him after being hired at Rice in 2006. He used the Spread to lead Rice to an appearance in the New Orleans Bowl, the school’s first bowl game since 1961.

    At Tulsa, he’s teamed with Malzahn and co-coordinator Herb Hand to develop an attack that leads the nation in total offense at 542. 5 yards per game.

    In simple terms, he turned Malzahn loose.

    “I’m not going to hire somebody I don’t agree with,” Graham said. “One of the things about being a head coach is you’ve got to trust your guys and let them coach. You’ve got to let them be innovative.

    “ I think this has been a liberating experience for him.”

    Malzahn said preparing his offensive game plan with Hand and recruiting commitments didn’t allow him to keep track of Arkansas much in 2007. But he said he still remains a fan of many of his former players and watched the Razorbacks’ 38-7 loss to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl from Mobile.

    When Nutt stepped down at Arkansas in November, Malzahn’s name surfaced quickly as a candidate and he became a popular pick on Internet message boards as Nutt’s successor. He reportedly interviewed for the position, but it eventually went to Bobby Petrino.

    Malzahn’s name surfaced in connection with other job openings as well, and that doesn’t figure to end anytime soon. When your team puts up the type of numbers Tulsa has this season, schools will come calling.

    Malzahn understands that, and he understands he has to keep it in perspective. He said being mentioned for other jobs hasn’t interfered with his everyday tasks at Tulsa, and it’s his responsibility to make sure it doesn’t in the future.

    “This is a highly competitive level and you have to stay focused,” Malzahn said. “If you’re going to be successful, there will be opportunities. But, I’m telling you, [Tulsa ] is a very good place to work.”
  7. Anybody watch the Mercedes Championship. Great play off between Daniel Chopa and Steve Stricker.
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    :head: Watch what?
  9. The PGA opened this weekend out in Hawaii. The Mercedes Championship is the first tournament of the year and only winners of last year's tournaments can play in it. I figured since this was a Razorback Forum and some topics have nothing to do with the Razorbacks and should be posted in the Sports Forum I would throw in the Mercedes. I figure I was not high jacking anything about the Razorbacks.:biggrin:
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    Malzahn in his second year had the #1 rated offense in the nation

    nobody can take that away from him
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    Hey the Razorbacks have got a couple PGA guys....OH you said winners from last year I reckon they weren't playing was they. :smack:
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    Watch out CDL! They well start blasting on you! If you don't really care to hear about Malzahn then you must be a Nutt lover, just hanging on and can't get over it.

    Man that was an awesome playoff between Chopra and Stricker though!
    Couldn't help but to think it was going to be a travesty if Chopra didn't win after he left those 2 putts that coulda won it about an 1/8th of an inch from the cup.
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  13. Clay, everyone on this board knows that I was a Nutt hugger but like the 99% of the state, when he was fired, ahem, I mean resigned, I wished him well and look forward to the Petrino era. I don't dwell on the past coaches, players or what might have been, shoulda coulda. If the dog hadn't of stopped to pizz he would have caught the rabbit.:wink: I like to look at the here and now and the future. If others want to remain in the past about past coaches and players that are history more power to them but to me it's just a waste of time and air because it's nothing more than pure speculation on what might have been or could have been. There are a lot of past coaches with Arkansas ties and I would think that they would be discussed on the Sports topic. The last coach in the news was Gibbs with the Wash Redskins. He came out of retirement and led the Skins to a Wild card playoff. Can you imagine if we had hired him instead of Petrino? Anybody get my point?