Mallett going to the NFL

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by bracomadar, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Good, bring on Tyler Wilson...

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    I wish him well but Im not going to say that Im glad to see the most prolific passer in Arkansas history go.

    I wanted him to stay another year. He's improved every season that he's been here and Id like to have seen what he could do as a Senior. He might have been gone anyway but Im sure Andrew Luck's decision helped make it a little easier.
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    Dont be to surprised if its not Wilson

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    I'm pretty sure it will be Wilson after what he did this year for us, however, even if it is Brandon Allen I will be happy, that kid is bad!!
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    Don't put Wilson in the starting QB yet there are two young men who will have something to say about it Brandon Mitchell and Kirby Walker
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    This is what I was thinkin :up:
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    Yup, there will be some heated spring practices this year.

    I wish Ryan the best, I believe he's the best passing QB if not the best QB the Hogs have ever have and its been an honor for us to have him.

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    I hate to see him leave but this might be alot of the reason, Here is the projected QB draft positions before tonight.

    1. Panthers: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

    3. Bills: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

    7. 49ers: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

    10. Redskins: Jake Locker, QB, Washington

    15. Dolphins: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

    As it stood before Luck pulled out he was the #2 QB overall & the #3 pick in the first round. Looks like if the Panthers stay with a QB in the first round then Mallet may be the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Wish him the best, but all I can say is he better be ready to man up & get ready to take some licks cause going to the worst team by far in the NFL is not going to be a cake walk. But you know, for multi-millions I believe I could get knocked on my tail every play & be tickled to death about it!
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    Would have loved to see what he could have done next year if he'd stayed, but you can't blame him for leaving. He stands to make a lot of money. Why take the chance of getting injured. He will be able to afford finishing his degree, no problem.
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    Every thing I have read said he is the number 3 quarterback right now behind Gabbert an d Scam Newton, and the number 16 pick overall roughly. Either way, I wish him well. I wonder where Mitch Mustain will get drafted at. :whistle:
  13. Pretty much took the words out of my mouth... :shrug::up:

    Boy I'm excited to see how next year's talent will show out. From what it looks like we have more than enough to stay competitive, especially with Coach Petrino. :biggrin:
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    Here is the source I was quoting!|10781|NFL mock draft||S|b|6723218720

    And here is one they just released adjusting to Luck withdrawal from the draft:
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    i agree that Mallett is the best we have seen. dont bashl me for this, and i hope i am wrong, but i aint convinced he is durable enough to make it in the NFL. like i said, i hope i am wrong, i hope he makes it big and has a long and succesful career. :up:
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    x2....couldn't have said it better. hope he continues to develop and has a great NFL career. thanks for all the good times ryan mallett :clap:
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    Good luck in the NFL ....GO HOGS
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    Mallet is a great passer. I guess you young guys don't remember Joe Ferguson? He was a good passer too but played on a very average team. I think Clint Sterner may have been a better overall quarterback. JMO
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    It was more of the Bobby Petrino system at a school with a predominant history of running the ball.

    To be honest, he should have been pulled for a series or two in the second half.
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    Ryan was a good QB with a great arm. He made better decisions later in the year than he did to start the year off or last year for that matter. Maybe next year he would have been deadly. I wish him luck and thank him for his contributions to the team.

    What excites me is the potential and flexibility that we should have next year. We may give up a little arm strength but the running ability of our 3 remaining QB's is way superior to that of Mallet. I think we will be OK!