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Mallard Pond Turkeys

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Action news 3 outdoors did an interesting story about Brandywine Island turkeys tonight . They are likely the purest strain of Eastern Turkeys on the continent. The GFC captured a few and released them near Mallard Pond. I think I saw a familiar face at the release site.

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I just happened to catch that show:biggrin: We sure were proud to get those turkeys. I think I've seen that good lookin fellow that was speaking at the release site.:thumb: We owe a BIG THANKS to the folks at Brandywine,as well as the AGFC. Actually Bubba a good friend of mine helped get the ball rolling on this.
Hey buck, can I come turkey hunting? :biggrin:
Dodgeman,I think I'll have an opening in about 10 years,I'll give you a call when it happens. Just sit by the phone.:biggrin:

I know some of the birds went to horseshoe lake. I didnt hear them say anything about the Ouachitas.But they might have.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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