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    Anybody have any dealings with Mid American Hunting Association or anybody like them? These guys supposedly lease 200,000 acres in multiple states and you can buy in and pay a yearly dues, and reserve "your" spot. I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad)! Thanks!!!!
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    Not sure about them but have a buddy in NAHC. Same deal basically. He paid $1500 up front and a $900 every year after. Can be transfered to your kids and he has been real happy with it so far. They have land in 15 states and you just book your spot so many days before you show up.

  3. flintknapper

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    Sounds pricey! A feller used to could buy his own patch of land for that kind of money, guess that's not the case anymore. Mercy.
  4. I'd be really careful about that reserving "your" spot thing. I got into a small version of that here in Arkansas.......when opening day rolled around it was obvious they had suckered in waayyyyyyy more people than they had acreage to accomodate. To say the least, there were scores of very unhappy deer hunters - looking at other deer hunters in any direction they (we) wanted to look.
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    Don't worry about reservations with MAHA, they are as advertised. Some clubs try to do the same system but MAHA has been doing this for 30 years, no one stays in buisness that long without running a top notch organization.