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    Got this off a national gun site, they were talking about magazine restrictions and a guy from Canada wrote this about how they get around the 5 shot restriction on magazines north of the border:

    Here in Canada, 5 shot rifle mags are max. allowable by law for semi-auto centre fire rifles,and 10 for pistol mags.
    So when we buy pmags up here, such as magpul 30 shot mags they come with a small rivet to prevent loading more than 5 rounds.......
    Which is great, so when the S.H.T.F. you need only drill them out!!....
    which I would never do by the way....
    ........because that would be illegal of course....

    Better yet, everyone here is buying LAR 10 shot " pistol " mags for their AR's because they are labeled as "pistol" mags and they are legal because the law states pistol mags may contain up to 10 rounds!

    From the looks of things looks like the U.S. might soon be selling the same mags as us......
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    yes, because nobody will buy or have or modify a magazine/clip

    just like nobody takes a gun into gun free zones - right ?

    the goal is to disarm the country - there i no other logic behind it

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    Yer exactly right stealthy!!!!