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  1. I have been trying to learn all that I can about turkey and turkey hunting. I have been getting the magazine "Turkey & Turkey Hunting" and reading it. Is there a better place for information or is this a good one? I just want to learn all I can about the animal and hunting them. If you could please point me in the right direction.
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    Anything by Col. Tom Kelly; but specifically Tenth Legion. Once you've been turkey hunting for a few years (hopefully with a mentor) you should probably read A Fork in the Road.

    (If it were up to Reggie, both of these would be required reading with a test to show understanding of the concepts before a spring or fall turkey tag was sold to a hunter. They really are that good; and the concepts presented are really that important.)

    Other good titles are Illumination in the Flatwoods by Hutto or almost anything written by Brian Lovett.


  3. thanks a lot. I will have to check those out. The more I read and learn about turkey hunting the harder and more fun it seems to be. I am really excited about this upcoming season. I just don't want to be some idiot out there in the woods. I actually want to have some idea of what is going on and what I am looking at. I know I have a long way to go but there are a lot of people, mostly from this forum, that are helping me a long the way. Some of which I will be turkey hunting with this spring. I can't wait. :thumb:
  4. englishdawgs

    englishdawgs Well-Known Member is a good website. check it out. But the best info and knowledge you will get is from first hand experiance.:up:
  5. Yeah, I've been told that about the experiance. But I just wated to learn as much as I could about the animal before I went out and hunted it. I figure the more I know the better beginner I iwll be. :shrug:
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    Reggies right on. The Tenth Legion and Illumination in the Flatwoods are required reading. Not so much "how to" but very insightful.

    I've read a lot of turkey hunting books. Some were more helpful than others. I'll try to remember when I get home to take a look at the shelf.

    I dont read Turkey & Turkey Hunting. They once had an article where a guy suggested crawling up on turkeys in a field by pushing a decoy in front of you. I decided then and there to never pick it up again. I'm sure there is some good info in there though. I do get the NWTF magazine, but I'm not real fond of their new layout. More articles about BS than actual turkey hunting.
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    Yea I've noticed that about the NWTF mag as well. I'll still be a member though.
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    I have found Jim Spencer's books to be pretty good. Also Dr. Lovett Williams has some good publications about turkey biology if you would like to learn more about turkeys' habits.
  9. heck yeah, I would like to learn about turkey habits. I have been looking for a lot of the books you are all telling me about.
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    Me too. I also noticed the same thing about the merchandise at the banquets. If there's 50 prints, 40 of them will have nothing to do with turkeys. I guess they dont want to limit their membership base to only turkey hunters, which probably isnt a bad business decision.
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    Yea thats kinda what I've been thinking.
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    Many good ones this year, I had a chance to look at them today.
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    Lovett has some very good reading on the subject in more ways than just hunting them.:thumb:
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    You are exactly right Hobbs. Personally I have so many turkey prints from the years I am tired of them so some of the differnt stuff they offer now like bar stools & chairs, NWTF trunks & actually one of the biggest money producing item they have had the last 10 years has been the lamps (Tiffany, deer antler reproduction, etc). Gotta have some stuff the women & folks that are die hard turkeys hunters like too. The supervisor of the Regional Directors was at our local Perry Co. NWTF committee meeting last night & he even mentioned one of the items this year that showed in the core package brochure they send us that shows us everything we will be getting had been changed cause they sent the item back & said nope.....crappy quality. Right now the quality of the items has never been better.
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    I will 2nd the "Tenth Legion" & any of Lovett's work.

    However, you would be well served to join the NWTF & go their website. There is a wealth of knowledge, tips, tactics & strategies you can find on the website. Read the Turkey Country magazine which is their publication.
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    Got to look first hand today at some of the merchandise. It dose look the way biggobs, where were you this morning? Don't give me that had to work thing.:biggrin: