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A while back my mom gave me my Papaw Brian's old hunting coat. I brought it home and hung it on the back of my door. I was looking at it last night, and thought it would be neat to wear it on a hunt. I tried it on and lo and behold I found some of Papaw's reloads in the pocket. He always dripped wax over the crimps when he got done. Immediately the wheels started turning. I got up this morning, and grabbed Papaw Shatley's Ithaca M37, donned Papaw Brian's Hunting coat, and headed to the woody hole. I shot a pair, but lost the drake in the cattails. That 37 is a fine pointing gun, and I felt it when I touched the trigger. I remember Papaw Brian telling me he drilled out the powder hole on his reloading bar to make 'em a little hotter. I will get a drake before season goes out, and do a hanging mount, much like this picture, in a shadow box, with the coat and the gun. It was nice to make a hunt with them. I wish I would have had more time.......

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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