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  1. sportsmanetc

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    I saw a short discussion on gun oils. I use Rem oil exclusively and have never had any trouble until this year. I clean my weapons thoroughly at least twice a year whether I shoot them or not. This year most of my rifles wanted to stick as I used the action to put in a shell. It was cold both mornings.

    My bro-in-law had some break free for me to use. Got the job done. This is all he ever uses once he has cleaned the weapon. His guns are in very good condition. Does anyone else just use break free as a cleaner and lubricator?
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  3. John Stiles

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    Yep, breakfree is good stuff.
  4. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I've used BreakFree CLP for as long as I can remember and never had any problems with it.
  5. sportsmanetc

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    I have used break free in the past on things that were rusted and needed taking off. Just never thought about using it on my weapons. See you learn something new everyday. Thanks guys.

    Are there any tricks to using it? Is it ok to get on the wood?
  6. Hudson

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    what about the winchester clp any good?
  7. Wes Ramsey

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    I've never had any problems with Rem-oil either. I like it because of the teflon. I like the aerosol Rem-oil because it evaporates pretty quick and doesn't leave much/any oil on moving parts to gum anything up. It does help slick things up though. However, I shot 2 deer Monday and got misfires from light primer strikes on both and had to re-strike the primer a couple of times to do the job. This was in one of my NEFs though, so it wasn't oil in the action gummed up because of the cold. That's all sealed up. All I can figure is that there was condensation in there that froze up and kept the fp from moving like it should have.
  8. I have used Break Free for years........decades......
    Military got me hooked on the stuff....
  9. sportsmanetc

    sportsmanetc Well-Known Member

    I have been using the Rem oil wipes- so I can carry in the field with me. Maybe that is my problem. I have recently cleaned all my weapons (wifey is mad at me for spending tooooo much time with them) with break free and was very suprised. I will (have changed) to break free from now on. I appreciate all the feedback and please add more.
  10. SEark71

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    Another vote for BreakFree. Like to use RemOil on the outside, and BreakFree on the inside (for most firearms).
  11. AR_deerslayer

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    Ive used rem oil, and break free , other day I was at hunters choice, and they had a brand called ballistol. got it and tried it, It is awesome . makes older synthetic stocks look new also, trired it on a friends beat up 870, cleans and lubes great!! here a link for what it looks like yall try it . .wont be dissapointed
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    3 and 1 oil have used it for years :thumb::flag:
  13. what is break free is it like wd-40:head:
  14. Mr. Chitlin

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    Break free isn't even close to WD40. Don't use WD40 on your guns, or anything else that you care about for that matter.
  15. I'm hooked on Firepower FP-10.. :up:
  16. sartorious

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    Does or has anyone used Gunzilla? I've been thinking abt trying out for some time now.
  17. wish i had some breakfree now just broke down a marlin model 75c that i bought today looked like it hadent been cleaned since it was new 25 yrs ago can of carb cleaner and some rem oil and a hour later had it cycling fine now to try a box of ammo tomorrow
  18. Tink

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    I use remington gun oil :shrug: cheap an never had a problem out of it.
  19. pls1456

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    I really like Ballistol but you have to order it, otherwise I vote for Rem oil.
  20. sportsmanetc

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    For those who use Rem oil, do you clean with something else?