Lot for sale cheap.

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  1. duckhunter2-2007

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    I have a lot in the Ozark Acres SID near Hardy, AR. I've had it for several years and just decided I'm not going to ever do anything with it. It's on a chip and seal road above Vagabond Lake close to the highway. It's right across the highway from Spring River and HE Alexander WMA. I believe it's a corner lot and fairly flat. If anyone needs more info I can round it up. Asking $1500 cash.
  2. rljohnston

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    more info,, size lot, address if you know,, street, road or lane its on,,

  3. atuphilamb

    atuphilamb Well-Known Member

    I'd like some more info as well.
  4. duckhunter2-2007

    duckhunter2-2007 Well-Known Member

    I believe the lot is right at 1/2 acre. It's on the corner of Buckskin ln and I'm not sure what the other street is. I'll look at the deed tonight and get all the particulars. I don't think they allow trailer houses but I think other than that the building restrictions are pretty lax.
  5. Interested

    I would also be interested in more info about the lot. Grew up in the area and would be interested in a retirement lot.