lost a nice one monday.....

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    i was up in my stand playing with B's new camera, and saw a deer down my east lane about 300 yds. got on a doe just as it stepped from the lane, and there was a spike right behind her. i moved to the next lane, which is just a small opening that you can wait on a deer to pass thru that you have seen headed that way, but too small to get on a deer that is just crossing it. when i move my gun to that little lane, there is already a deer in it, about 275yds. once i get it in the scope, i see it is a decent buck, but he his bad deflicted on his right side. had two or three points sticking straight up. now, i am a fool for a freak, (insert your own jokes here), so i decided to whack him. he was slightly quartering away, and the only thing out from behind the tree was from about his 2nd rib forward. I get the crosshairs a couple inches off the tree, and send one. when i bolt #2 in, and get back in the scope, he is still standing there, having just moved forward a couple feet. i make sure that it is the same deer, then send #2 and drop him like a bad habit. cool says me. thats where it gets hairy. deer start running all over the place down there, and i decide to get a doe too. as one crosses my east lane, going south, i see this funky rack!!! i immediately think of the Wikileaks Task Force. then, he crosses the next lane, i see he is a lil gimpy, but i cant get on him. then he crosses the road, and heads into my last chance lane. he stops at about 250, and i take a starvation bead, and snap on him. Task Force time again. appears after frantic inspection, i see that i have short stroked it, (once again, your own jokes here). I finally get one in the pipe, take a couple deep breaths, relax, starvation bead again, and drop him for the second time. Holy crap!! i was drained. i reach over and get B's camera, zoom way out there and take a pic of him laying in the lane.


    put the camera up, sling on the gun, and climb down. i decided to walk to where i first shot, and make sure that there was no "collateral damage" down there. that is when i found the pine tree i hit with #1


    odd though, no blood or hair or anything where i knocked him down. oh well, i know he is dead 200 yds to the south, so away i go. when i get to the lane, i find this....


    i figured he did the death flop out of the lane, but i was wrong. looked for over 4 hours, even went and got a dog, nothing. i poked two holes in this sonofagun, with a .300 winmag, and he is gone like a 59 cadillac. have not had a chance to shoot my gun yet to see if its off. glad season is over....:frown:
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    Hate to hear that man season not over still bow season, hang in there.:up:

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    I hate that for you. I guess that deer was not ready to die :shrug:
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    I feel your pain. I have been hunting a doe for 3 weeks seein nothing. Finally Sunday have a doe step out at 150 broadside. Perfect shot for 30-06. Take careful aim squeeze trigger. Deer is off with the shot but I hear the bullet smack. Go to get my deer and find hair. Not 1 single drop of blood. Looked for an hour and a half in a briar thicket and nothing. Wish I knew what happen. Rifle checked fine.
  5. that sucks brother. Sorry to hear that. I wish that you could have found him. I would have thought he was dead as well. Thats just flat out crazy.
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    BG-12, If you need shooten lessons i'm available:whistle:. You don't never not go straight to the deer. A man in my church dropped a booner in Kansas and thought He had it and just sat there for 15 minutes! A BOONER! :head: And guess what! Yep thats right. it jumped up and RUN OFT. Look at it this way, you shot at and hit as many legal bucks Monday as i saw ALL season:down: PTL it will all soon be over.:clap:
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    I may be ignorant but what is a starvation bead? With a 300 mag at only 250yds, dead on where you want it to go would be the correct placement. I shoot a .270 win in a 24 inch barrel Sako sighted in about 2 in high at 100 and killed 2 coyotes at 315 and 325 yds, dead on aimpoint. Maybe you aimed a little high...
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    a starvation bead is aiming like you will starve to death if you dont make the shot. kinda like that animal may be your last meal. my gun is sighted in dead on at 300. 2.5 to 3 high at 100. i have already taken deer this year at almost 400, and at 250, and it was a running shot.

    Meno, i am gonna start doing like pop does turkeys, shoot em til they quit flopping!!
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    Browning gold: You might not like what I say, but you did not hit that buck where you thought you did. A 300 mag in the heart lung region will put a deer down within a 100 yards and so will any good deer cartridge. Sometimes we think we made a good shot but in reality we didn't. It sucks losing a deer, been there and done that.
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    you take the shots you can make and sometimes they don't go right - sorry you lost one
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    no kidding??:smack:
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    Most of the time it's bad news if they get back up.

    Everytime our bunch has had one drop at the shot, lay there a while, then get up and leave, we lost it. Blood trail got less & less then quit.

    A few even lay there for several minutes while the hunter stayed in the stand, thinking they were dead, then were gone when the hunter looked back.

    I always thought that indicated a too-far-forward hit, with major damage to shoulder muscle, enough to dump them, but not enough injury to engine room vitals.

    Deer hit too far back usually don't fall unless you clip the spine.

    Of course, that's theoretical because we never found them.

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    HA... You shot him in the arse... i just know it. fellas, BG is one badge short of reaching master sniper. But, he cant pass up a good arse shot.... LOL
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    hey butt punch, the way he presented himself was a dream shot for you. his ace was behind the tree both times!!:fit: somehow i knew you would go there though. you have seen what i can do with the venerable A-Bolt. especially the 25WSSM. O'haras farm ring a bell.....:cool::whistle:

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    Yep.....he needs practice....I aimed at one's arse and dropped him with a 50 cal right below the right ear at 100 yards yesterday!! (see No Brag...Just Fact thread)

    J/k Shatt.......at least that's where my buddy (Tigger's Brother) accused me of aiming!!

    Sorry ya lost him , man I know how ya feel!! would rather have a clean miss than find blood and can't find the deer!!