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    Haven't had a picture of this deer since late September---maybe early October. We named him Lop because of his lop-sided rack. I really thought somone must have taken him, but he's still around, and of course I'm out of buck tags. No problem---I'll have more next year! Another deer that we called "High and Tight," a very tall, narrow racked buck, has also re-appeared at the son-in-law's stand.


  2. thats a goodern right there. I can't wait to see pics of him next year.

  3. fullcredit

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    After a little checking, I don't think it's him after all. Here's a pic from October.

  4. I think your right. That crooked G3 front the front view is not as jacked up on the one you just posted. That first one might be offspring but I don't think its him. Real close but I don't think its him.
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    That second buck looks bigger. Either would work though. :up:
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    yepp different brows. Both will be dandy bucks next year. Not that there not great right now....:whistle:
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    not the same deer, that's even better! 2 dandy bucks in the area, that is if the first one ever shows up again
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    I would say they are related for sure.
  11. Gutshooter

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    Very odd that two different deer could look so much alike.
  12. justme

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    i ve seen a few of them my self this year. be good next year or good bow kill